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Hotfixes: 29th August

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  • Fixed the issue with Special Skins Effects for Pets.
  • Fixed the Subscriber's Visual coordi's set attributes.
  • Fixed the issue that prevented changing characters if the current character is blocked while being already selected.
  • The Blood Earrings (Uno) buff no longer works in PvP mode.
  • [PVE] Asin: Breakthrough Celestial's Barrier can no longer be used in fatal.
  • [PVE] [PVP] Amy: Particles effects adjusted in the third class = single attack on Jump (Low Z in the air), run attack, posture change, single attack when throwing stuffed animals (Z Front).
  • [PVE] Ryan: Fixed the issue with Twin Buster skill where it was canceled when used in group.
  • [PVE] [PVP] Ryan: Fixed zoom and delay caused to monsters with Nature Frenzy (Viken).
  • [PVE] [PVP] Ryan: Fixed the issue with the Magnus transformation's visual effects.
  • [PVE] Ronan: Fixed the issue with Tempest Slayer skill dealing damage on the wrong side if it turns to other side during the use of the skill. Fixed the issue with Magic Defense not consuming Rune Flare and always leaving as if you had level 3.
  • [PVE] [PVP] Uno: Fixed the issue with the Flash of Light skill's white hitbox appearance; The inability to cancel certain parts of his skills has been fixed.
  • [PVE] [PVP] Sieghart: Mad Rage Lv.2 particle has been fixed.
  • [PVP] Mari: Gunslinger's damage has been fixed.
  • [PVP] Fixed the issue with several skills without delay.
  • [PVP] Mari: Geas' Boost has been fixed.
  • [PVP] Lire: Lire's Arrow Rain has been fixed.
  • [PVP] Ryan: Ryan's MP1 fixed, now has immunity back.
  • [PVP] Ronan: Aegis Knight's "Magic Defense" skill has been fixed.
  • Other unlisted issues fixed.


  • [PVP] Elesis: Elesis's JF's start time has been adjusted.
  • [PVP] Lass: Lass's MP3 zoom has been removed.
  • [PVE] Asin: Quiet Repose and Breakthrough Celestial's Barrier released in the HUD on command X and Z respectively (Quiet Repose can still be used in the combo as before)
  • [PVE] Asin: Now, when Breakthrough Celestial's Barrier is over and you are in the fatal. You get a 5s Hyper Armor buff to get out of some critical situations alive.
  • [PVE] Asin: Cloud Walk (Mugen) can now be used in the HUD from the command > (Due to point limitations it does not conflict with the Disciple's speed buff, not damaging the hybrid builds)
  • [PVE] Asin: Defense Buff can now also be used by Mugen.
  • [PVE] Asin: The HUD Command visual has been redesigned.
  • [PVE] Lime: the Nemesis skill delay has been removed.
  • [PVE] [PVP] Ryan: Mobility control was improved during the Twin Buster skill.
  • [PVE] [PVP] Ryan: Twin Buster now displays the duration of the skill as a buff.
  • [PVE] Lime: The Liberation skill's visual effect's display order has been changed.
  • [PVE] [PVP] Zero: Terminate now displays the duration of the skill as a buff.
  • The pet bar is no longer displayed if the use of skills is not allowed in the current game mode.


  • It is now possible to pass the leadership of the room while being in it.
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