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Patch Notes - May 15

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Greetings, Chasers!

These quarantine times haven't been easy. It easily bores us to stay at home. But think on the bright side: History finally received a bigger update after two minor updates in April! Now you can keep our warriors busy! Come read the May Update Notes with us!

Taking advantage of the fact that we are seeing recurring doubts about various systems and events in the game, starting today, all Update Notes will have the announcement of the content in a more complete way! In this way, this will reduce the doubts of several players. Always read carefully to know how a certain system works or not to make mistakes in visual transformations!


3rd PvE Balancing


In this update we will also bring news to our PvE Balancing project. The characters LireZero and Lime received some modifications. 

In the topic below, you will find all the changes made to PvE Balancing. Visit this topic with each update, because that's where we'll put everything that's changed.

To commemorate and honor their new strength, everyone received the Chest of Ascension by mail for Lire, Zero and Lime. The Ascension Chest is an aid packs to giving several items that help in your journey with additional prize for those who already have level 90. Hurry to raise these three characters to obtain Legendary Signboard and Shadow Coordi Package. Make sure you open all the chests, because if you didn't, all chests that are not opened will be deleted from the accounts.

Furthermore, as for our usual. We have a Special Balancing Commemoration that helps you a lot to level up your character!
When playing with Lire, zero and Lime, everyone will receive a bonus of 2x EXP & GP. This bonus is applied to the entire room and cumulative if different characters are in play, buffing the bonus.


Flags and Pillows have also returned. Celebrate Balancing by 10 Epic Essences each!

sbta158387.png                             sbta158245.png?6

sbta158397.png?6                                sbta158255.png?6

sbta158402.png?6                                 sbta158260.png?6

As it is an extensive and time-consuming content, we have chosen to apply it in parts. In this way several tests are performed, both by the team before the application and by you later by feedback. And, for that, this topic was created:

Your opinion is very important, as it helps us apply possible corrections in addition to guiding the balance of the next characters.


Exclusive Event Dungeon: The Extermination of Uria


After a long time, Uno and Glimmers of Uria return to the world of Grand Chase with an immense bloodlust ready to take revenge on those who underestimated them. They will use all their evil powers of destruction to wreak havoc and destruction in Uria.

The Extermination of Uria is an Epic Challenge-type Mission-Event for advanced players. It is recommended for players looking for higher status, as their drops and building items help to create and strengthen strong equipment.

Check below the tables of possible rewards and their respective difficulties:

Quest completion rewards:

Item Probability 
Ancient Coin (8 pcs) Very High
Hero's Bullion (8 pcs) Very High
Blood Drops (1-2 pcs) Very High
Uria's Spoiler Chest (1-2 pcs) Very High
Goddess Rings Low
Eternal Guardian Chest (1 pc) Low
GP Prop Reset Form (1 pc) Low
 Special Transmutation Scroll (1 pc) Low


Items Materials
Arquemeece's Reinforcement Release Scroll 2 Blood Drops + 10.000 GP
Arquemeece's Refinery Protection Scroll 4 Blood Drops + 200.000 GP
Arquemeece's New Gold Reinforcement Box 10 Blood Drops + 500.000 GP
Epic Stone Box 10 Blood Drops + 500.000 GP
Grade +17 Refinery Scroll 20 Blood Drops + 500.000 GP
Bloodborn Crest 30 Blood Drops + 15 Hero Bullions
Guardian Warrior's Accessories 20 Blood Drops + 40.000 GP
Eternal Guardian's Set and Accessories Box 64 Blood Drops + 1.000.000 GP
Eternal Guardian's Weapon box 96 Blood Drops + 1.000.000 GP

Ring Creation:

Level 2 Ring Level 1 + 50 Blood Drops + 500.000 GP
Level 3       Ring Level 2 + 100 Blood Drops + 1.000.000 GP

Ring's Status:


Ernasis Ring
Level 1
Lisnar Ring
Level 1
Armenian Ring
Level 1
Agnecia Ring
Level 1
Attack: 300 Attack: 150 Attack: 150 Attack: 200
Defense: 150 Defense: 150 Defense: 300 Defense: 200
Vitality: 150 Vitality: 300 Vitality: 150 Vitality: 200
Minimal Level: 30 Minimal Level: 30 Minimal Level: 30 Minimal Level: 30
Ernasis Ring
Level 2
Lisnar Ring
Level 2
Armenian Ring
Level 2
Agnecia Ring
Level 2
Attack: 450 Attack: 200 Attack: 200 Attack: 300
Defense 200 Defense: 200 Defense: 450 Defense: 330
Vitality: 200 Vitality: 450 Vitality: 200 Vitality: 330
Minimal Level: 60 Minimal Level: 60 Minimal Level: 60 Minimal Level: 60
Ernasis Ring
Level 3
Lisnar Ring
Level 3
Armenian Ring
Level 3
Agnécia Ring
Level 3
Attack: 600 Attack: 350 Attack: 350 Attack: 420
Defense: 350 Defense: 350 Defense: 600 Defense: 420
Vitality: 350 Vitality: 600 Vitality: 350 Vitality: 420
Minimal Level: 80 Minimal Level: 80 Minimal Level: 80 Minimal Level: 80



Eternal Guardian's Set, Accessories and Weapons for Elesis and Sieghart.



This month's VIP System is perfect for you to take full advantage of this month's content and make it count! Show your friends your dark elegance with the Mariposa Requiem Visual Package, along with the tiny pet Morte!


The VIP System works by spending CASH within the game. The more CASH you spend, the higher the amount of CASH spent you accumulate.
Prizes can be redeemed when you reach the required amount for each section. Remember that the redeem is automatic.

Check below the prize table according to cash spending:

1,000 to 3,999 Rocco's Tornado Coin (10 pcs)
Champion Ticket (10 pcs)
GachaPon Coin [CASH] (10 pcs)
Blacksmith's Approval (15 days)
Character Slot (1 pcs)
4,000 to 6,999 SB Gacha Fortune Ticket (20 pcs)
Seal Breaker Scroll (30 pcs)
Hero Dungeon Ticket (30 pcs)
Premium GC Club (15 days)
Extreme Skill Key (2 pcs)
7,000 to 9,999 SB Gacha Fortune Ticket (30 pcs)
Seal Breaker Scroll (60 pcs)
Coordi Fusion Scroll (5 pcs)
+100 Coordi Bag (1 pc)

Mariposa Requiem's Chest (2 pcs)
10,000 to 15,999 Black Serpent's Anklet Chest (1 pc)
Black Serpent's Necklace Chest (1 pc)
Astaroth (KC) Card (1 pc)

Grade 17 Refinery (3 pcs)

Mariposa Requiem's Chest (2 pcs)
16,000 or more Kaze'aze Human Form Card (3 pcs)
GP Prop Reset Form (5 pcs)

Epic Pet Glyph Chest (3 pcs)
Morte Pet Card
Mariposa Requiem's Chest (16 pcs)

  When equipping the Mariposa Requiem Shield and Stompers with Legendary status, your character will enable a new pose in the room, in addition to also enabling an in-game effect. Show everyone your melancholy magic! You can also use this pose and its effects with any other look, just equip your shield and Stompers and the magic of the moths will be all yours.


Warning: Turning shield and stomper into another visual will cause it to lose its unique effect.

Effect of Mariposa Requiem Accessories and Morte Pet Attack.

Warning: The video does not represent actual damage and actual MP/AP recovery.This will vary with status.

Inside the event window you can find out about the duration of the event. Pay attention to this, as the team will not support you due to lack of attention to the duration of the event. We make no exceptions.

Watch out for Visual Transformations! To don't risk losing the effect of your items, see the following topic:




Lucky Gacha Fortune 


Isn't a morbid Mariposa look your style? Don't worry! On the Lucky Gacha Fortune you can acquire the exact opposite, without losing all the theme elegance of Moth! Get the Mariposa Memento Visual Package and Light skin for your Morte Pet to gain an air of vitality!


The Lucky Gacha Fortune works like a scratch card: by getting 3 matching images, you will receive the prize that appeared. It is a lucky event and can be compared to a real life lottery. If you don't get 3 matching images, you'll receive a small compensation award, which can be used to build some items in the Forge.

To participate in the event, you must have SB Gacha Fortune Ticket in your inventory. With this, just scrape the card with the mouse or click Skip to scrape automatically.

When equipping Mariposa Memento Shield and Stompers of Legendary status, your character will enable a new pose in the room, in addition to also enabling an in-game effect. Show everyone your magic full of life! You can also use this pose and its effects with any other look, just equip your shield and stompers and the magic of the moths will be all yours.


Warning: Turning shield and stomper into another visual will cause it to lose its unique effect.

Effect of the accessories of the Mariposa Memento and attack of the Pet Morte with her skin.

Watch out for Visual Transformations! To avoid the risk of losing the effect of your items, see the following topic:



Gacha Pon


This month's Gacha Pon comes stuffed with items for you! For the nostalgic, we return with some favorites from the community!

Gacha Pon works like the famous Gacha machines, where you spend 1 coin and receive a random prize. Here, you can play on the machine that has the prize you want and try your luck! Unlike the Lucky Gacha Fortune, you will always receive some reward when participating, even if you do not get the main prize. 

To start the event, you must have in your inventory the GachaBall Coin corresponding to the machine you are going to use (CASH or GP) and click on the lever to rotate it.


Praetorian Soldier Visual Package


Praetorian Royal Guard Visual Package.


Calnat Secret Society and Calnat Dark Society Visual Package.


Rocco's Spin to Win 


The Rocco's Spin had some updated awards but kept a good part of the classic that everyone likes! 

Each Rocco's Tornado Coin allows you to play a round of the Rocco's Spin. Just click on the "Spin" button and the Rocco will activate your tornado and make the slots of items on the board rotate.You can wait for the slots to stop spinning on their own, or you can click the "Stop" button to try to stop them at the right time. When they stop, you will be awarded according to the images that appear.

Taking 3 images of the same item, you will receive the image item as a prize, but if the images are different, you will receive only one Socket Gem. In addition, when you fail, you will receive 1 Lucky Point. When you complete 7 Lucky Points by taking different images seven times on the board, the Rocco will activate Lucky 7! The slots will then turn golden and it will be impossible not to take 3 identical images in the next round of the Rocco's Spin!

Below you can check out the items available in Rocco's Spin:

Item List - Rocco Spin

[SKIN] Clara Fairyland 
[SKIN] Edna Scarlet
Epic Pet Glyph Chest (1 pc)
New GC Club (1 day)     
Double Crystal Card (1 pc)
Rank Reset Card (1 pc)
Second Gear Ring ( 5 pcs)
Natal Ring (5 pcs)
Bonus Recharge (2 pcs)
GP Random Prop Reset (1 pc)
Epic Box Reinforcement (1 pc)
SP Reset Card (1 pc)

HP Potion (XL) (5 pcs)
MP Potion (XL) (5 pcs)
Season V Potion (2 pcs)
Event Dungeon Ticket (1 pc)
Champion Mode Ticket (1 pc)
Epic Essence (1 pc)
Ancient Essence (1 pc)
1 Mil GP Coupon (1 pc)

Socket Gem (1 pc) [FAILURE]


Scarlet Skin for Pet Edna.


Fairyland Skin for the Pet Clara.





As some of you may have noticed, PvP had a few less maps and modes.  Now maps from our Eternal Season have returned and some game modes have been properly fixed and re-added! Check the list below:


Monster Train 1


Monster Train 2


Moonlight Village



  • Sudden Death

The team or player that reaches the maximum number of kills wins.

  • Fatal Party

The team or player that reaches the maximum number of kills wins. All players will have 1 HP.

  • Captain Mode
    A Captain is chosen at random from each team. The team that manages to protect its Captain wins.


Super Seal Breaker System Pack


Our Super Seal Breaker System receives some classic favorites from the community and a novelty!
We consult with members of our Discord group to find out what Seal Breaker Systems they miss. After several suggestions, we made a selection and, as compensation for the delay in the update, we are bringing 1 Seal Breaker System more than usual for Equipment and Visual!

Show your colleagues all your power and sovereignty with the Crimson Reaper Coordi Seal Breaker System and purchase the Crimson Reaper Pet!


By equipping the Crimson Reaper Coordi Mask of Legendary status, your character will enable a new pose in the room, as well as also enable an in-game effect. Show everyone your evil strength! You can also use this pose with any other look, just equip the mask and the Reaper's strength will be all yours.



Warning: Turning mask into another visual will cause it to lose its unique effect.

Effect of the Crimson Reaper Coordi Mask and Crimson Reaper pet attack.

Warning: The video doesn't represent actual damage and actual MP/AP recovery.This will vary with status.

Beware of Visual Transformations! To avoid the risk of losing the effect of your items, see the following topic:


The Super Seal Breaker System works with the use of Opening Seal Breaker Scrolls and Seal Gem. You can decide whether to open an Equipment Seal Breaker System between level 30 to 80 or a Visual Seal Breaker System without level restriction. It is a luck-based system, however, with no chance of acquiring repeated items.

Choose the desired Seal Breaker System and level (if any) and click the button to open equipment/accessories. You will be able to select the desired class weapon (for characters with more than 1 class) after opening all the equipment and rescuing it. The Pet will be able to rescue you when you open all the equipment and accessories.

Remember to check that the correct weapon is selected!


Rencia, Killian Knyte, Clara and Aero Kitty. 



Sellion, Rui, Annie & Bonnie and Crimson Reaper.






Prepare your CASH and VP savings and come and take a shopping spree here in History!

Butterfly Divastar
Coordi Pack

400 CASH

Choralist Stigma
Coordi Pack

400 CASH

Chromas Classes
Coordi Pack

Miscellaneous Prize 

PC Coordi

850 CASH

PC Weapon
Coordi Pack


400 CASH



1800 CASH



1800 CASH

Taurus Zodiac


350 CASH

Gemini Zodiac

350 CASH

Surprise Chest

120 CASH

Surprise Chest

120 CASH

Surprise Chest

400 CASH


Prizes that can be obtained from Chests at random

Surprise Chest

Surprise Chest 
Surprise Chest

Natal Ring
Pet Rename Card
+30 Bag
Dokaebi Pet Card
Nyami Pet Card
Black Bear Pet Card
Sarimanok Pet Card
Tee Lek Card
Special Refine Scroll
Refine Protection Scroll
Socket Gem

Nickname Change Card
Pet Rename Card
+30 Bag
Gaia's Wings
Dokaebi's Circlet
Dokaebi's Wings
Dokaebi's Shields
Dokaebi's Stompers
Special Refine Scroll
Refine Protection Scroll

Grade 10 Refinery Scroll
Grade 11 Refinery Scroll
Grade 12 Refinery Scroll
Grade 13 Refinery Scroll
Grade 14 Refinery Scroll
Grade 15 Refinery Scroll
Gaia's Wings
Giga Blitz Coordi Package
Lesley Pet Card





Giga Blitz Coordi Pack Preview


Butterfly Divastar & Choralist Stigma Coordi Pack Preview

PC Armors & Weapon Coordi Pack Preview


Elite Arch Ranger & Nova Coordi Pack for Lire

Divine Justice Coordi Pack for Lime

Additional Class Coordi Pack:



  1. Green Archer Coordi Package
  2. Elite Guardian Coordi Package
  3. Elite Nova Coordi Package
  4. Eryuell's Frost Coordi Package
  5. Jet Black Advancer Coordi Package
  6. Zero Four Coordi Package
  7. Blazing Zephyr Coordi Package
  8. Seeker's Limited Coordi Package
  9. Advancer Package
  10. Mystic Advancer Coordi Package
  11. Advancer's Accessories Coordi Package
  12. Seeker's Accessories Coordi Package
  13. Vanisher Package
  14. Red Seeker's Coordi Package
  15. White Wanderer's Coordi Package
  16. Divine Justice Coordi Package
  17. Passionate Saint Coordi Package
  18. Green Holy Knight Coordi Package
  19. Passionate Holy Knight Coordi Package
  20. Glamour Saint Coordi Package
  21. Corrupted Holy Knight Coordi Package
  22. Saint Coordi Package
  23. Divine Holy Knight Coordi Package
  24. Dark Holy Knight Coordi Package
  25. Dark Saint Coordi Package



Hero Bullion Shop


We know that you have a large amount of Hero Bullions in your inventory.
 Come and do some shopping in our store specially made for our dear heroes!

Hero Bullions can be acquired in Hero Dungeons and in some Event Dungeons (check the drop list in every Update Note).

sbta66566.png? 6
Paper Bag
Big Head

200 Hero

sbta66553.png? 6
Cardboard Box
Big Head

200 Hero

sbta20601.png? 6
Weapon Accessories 

700 Hero

sbta112101.png? 6
Royal VIP

600 Hero


45 Hero

sbta112675.png? 6
Mini Elesis

300 Hero


Forge System

The forge received some different contents to move the drops of its inventory! But wait... what is that bad smell?! It looks like there's a stinky Slime ready around!


Collect Smelly Rest on Aernas' missions to create some special items!

[SKIN] Marine

  • 700 Lost Dream


[SKIN] Pink

  • 4 Ancient Essence
  • 10,000 GP

[SKIN] Sphynx

  • 2 Epic Essence
  • 10 Crystal
  • 100,000 GP

sbta180093.png? 6
Terrible Coordi

  • 50 Victory Coin



  • 100 Victory Coin

Demon Wings

  • 5 Epic Essence
  • 100 Crystals
  • 500,000 GP

sbta124411.png? 6
Elf Wings

  • 5 Epic Essence
  • 100 Crystals
  • 500,000 GP

sbta124447.png? 6
Gundam Wings

  • 5 Epic Essence
  • 100 Crystals
  • 500,000 GP

sbta33386.png? 6
Big Head

  • 40 Smelly Rest

sbta87679.png? 6
 Golden Poo
Big Head

  • 80 Smelly Rest

Golden Poo
Necklace +9

  • 100 Smelly Rest
  • 100,000 GP


Skin Sphynxbot for Nekobot Pet.

Skin Pink Goldy for Goldy Pet.


Skin Sailor for Crimson Reaper Pet.

[SKIN] Sailor Reaper Effect Preview.

Golden Poo Necklace Effect on Lire's Arrow.

Golden Poo Necklace Effect on Arme's Deep Impact.


Miscellaneous Content


The following characters have improved their facial and class pack textures:




After several suggestion topics, we finally added something much requested by the community in our Launcher! For those who had doubts: Yes! We read all the suggestions you send! The best ones are saved to be implemented in the game at the right time!

Now, you will be able to choose the dubbing you want separately (this includes the old Brazilian dubbing!), The language of the Launcher and the language of the game! Want to use your game in Portuguese and Korean dubbing? Now you can! Are you homesick like me and love the old Brazilian dubbing? Now you can use it without gambling!


You can also use custom audio in your game. When selecting the Custom Voice Language , the game will search for the file sound_custom.kom in the Sound folder of your Client.

To learn more about custom audio koms, share your customizations, or download customizations from other players, visit the area below:


Our exclusive set designed by our Administrators received a massive rework from now on!
Servant of Darkness Package has been completely reworked with better quality and great care to have a par with other set.
The room pose has been changed, but in-game effects remain unchanged.

New room pose for Servant of Darkness Package.

What is this!? What happened around here? It seems that our dear Plaza has been invaded by evil Glimmers from Uria! What a mess....




  • Correction of model, texture and icon of the item Butterfly Wings for Lass, Ryan, Ronan, Amy, Jin and Mari;
  • Correction of model, texture and icon of the item Fierce Wings for Lass, Ryan, Ronan, Amy, Jin and Mari;
  • Correction of model, texture and icon of the item Unicorn Horn for Lass, Ryan, Ronan, Amy, Jin, Mari and Zero;
  • Correction of the appearance of the Visual SWAT Mask (White and Black) for Zero;
  • Correction in the Bounty Hunter Eyeteeth of Rufus model and texture;
  • Correction in the model and texture of the Tidehunter's Grandark of Zero;
  • Texture correction in Edna Ley's Visual Helmet;
  • Model correction in Arme's Visual PC Pot;
  • Correction in Dio Blink;
  • Correction in Ley's Grip;
  • Correction in Ley summon animation;
  • Corrected Ryan's PvP damage ;
  • Correction in Ryan's Spiritual Flames skill;
  • Corrections in different interfaces;
  • Names and descriptions of various quests corrected in the English language.


  • Fixed the boss spawn on both portals. For now Drall/Drawl will always appear when destroying bottom portal, and Vairne/Veron will always appear when destroying top portal



  • Void Warrior/Void Warrior: Fixed a bug where the monster would not die if it was under the effect of petrifying / freezing / paralyzing;
  • Skeleton Dragon/Skullwing Skyler: Fixed corpse that did not disappear and ended up making it impossible to continue in certain conditions;
  • Demonic Core/Demoncore: Now the amount of HP is defined by the number of players alive in the mission, facilitating the players' gameplay regardless of the chosen class;
  • Veigas/Beigas Teerr (Lv. 85 and 90): Fixed possible cause of the "pillar" bug;
  • Veigas/Beigas Teerr (Lv. 90): Fixed a bug where if the user left Veigas with less than 10% HP, at the moment it was above 50% HP he would become immortal.

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