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Hotfixes: August 31 / September 1

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August 31


  • Fixed an issue that was preventing multiple players from accessing the servers

Hero Dungeons

  • The daily limit of the Hero Dungeon The Extermination of Uria event was increased from 3 to 300
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from accessing Extermination of Uria after completing the dungeon once for each character

Event Dungeons

  • Access to Angry Bosses has been fixed
  • Event dungeon Konaut's Mental Collapse has been activated


  • GachaPon
    • The Lothos Visual Package Box (Caixa do Pacote Visual da Lothos) has been fixed


  • Dimensional Gate Core (Núcleo do Portão Dimensional) has been replaced with Dimension's Door Fragment
  • Added recipes to create Event Dungeon Ticket


  • SB Gacha Fortune Ticket has been enabled in the Cash Shop


  • Ancient Coins (Moeda Antiga) have been restored for played who owned the item
  • Blood Drop (Gota de Sangue) item has been restored to players who owned the item


September 1


  • Different versions of the item Ancient Coin (Moeda Antiga) got merged
  • Different versions of the item Blood Drop (Gota de Sangue) got merged.

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