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[ENG][Tutorial] Extermination of Uria for Newbies

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Insidiae    9

Are you a new player struggling to complete this event dungeon because of your low level and stats? Are you getting frustrated because most rooms look for veteran players who already have high enough stats and frequently kick you out for not having decent gear?

Alternatively, are you a veteran player who already has a lot of experience playing this event dungeon and have the stats to prove it? Do you want to help other players who do not have decent gear, but when you do help you now struggle because the low level/stat players struggle to provide any help at all, and you now have to complete the dungeon with practically less players?

In light of the recent "Adopt a Noob!" thread attempting to help out new players in a similar fashion: I, along with some wonderful players, have devised a team strategy that can help new players get a spot in Uria rooms and hopefully acquire good equipment! But newbies musn't rejoice too quickly - This strategy also gives newbies a vital role in ensuring victory, so they must try to survive as long as they can to provide the essential support the team's needs.


  • 1x Amy/Lime: She is your party's tank who lures enemies away, groups them together, and serves as the signal to unleash your damage dealers' strength!
    • MUST HAVE:
      •                 Both: high defense to survive enemy hits
      •                 Amy: high MP recovery, or a pet that can recover MP fast
      •                 Amy: Starlet's 4MP skill (Prisma)
      •                 Amy: Dancer's Photo shot skill (Flash), unlocked via Skill Key in Dancing stance
      •                 Lime/Holy: Redemption (4MP skill, requires Level 80), MP aura
  • 1-2x Dio: Dio is your party's main source of damage. He's THE character who you absolutely need 300k+ Total attack for. 
    • MUST HAVE:
      • insanely good stats
      • ONRUSH
      • a pet that recovers a lot of AP (Serpion and Berkas Jr. are common choices)
  • Remaining Players: Support characters. These players can either provide additional buffs and debuffs that increase the Dios' damage output (Veigas, Arme, Elesis), or provide additional survivability to other players by using revival spells (Ryan/Lime). Low level/low stat characters can play these characters, as their only goal is to survive as long as they can in order to provide some of the vital support the team needs. The bosses can and will KO these players quickly if their defense isn't high enough, so low stat characters should learn to dodge well.
    • MUST HAVE:
      • Arme: Athena's Sword (White Magic 2MP cash skill)
      • Veigas: Absolute Dark (fourth column 3MP)
      • Elesis: Taunt (Skill Tree passive - reduces enemy defense)
      • Ryan: Resurrection, Wolf Transformation, MP totem
      • Lime/Holy: Redemption (4MP skill, requires Level 80), MP aura


  • Amy: Lure the Uria bosses away from everyone. Wait until all bosses are near each other, then cast Prisma along with your pet skill. If you can, change to Dancer and cast Flash to stun bosses. If Flash hits, the bosses will be stunned for 2-3 seconds. Re-cast Flash to stun them for longer while the Dios use Onrush. If the bosses arent defeated by the Dios' Onrush, lure the bosses again while the other players regroup and restore MP/Pet Gauge.
  • Lime(Tank): Lure the Uria bosses away from everyone, keeping the bosses as close to each other as possible. Wait until the Dios are ready to use onrush. If the bosses arent defeated by the Dios' Onrush, lure the bosses again while the other players regroup and restore MP/Pet Gauge.
  • Dio: Stay away from the Uria bosses' range until you hear the Amy cast Prisma, or if your MP and Pet gauge are both full. You may also cast Life Keep while waiting. When ready, go toward the bosses and cast Onrush along with your pet skill to prolong Onrush. If some bosses are left alive after using Onrush, let the Tank player lure the bosses away and regroup with the other players away from the Uria bosses.
  • Veigas/Arme/Elesis: Stay away from the Uria bosses' range until the Dios are ready. Keep yourself alive for as long as possible. When the Dios are ready, go toward the bosses and cast Absolute Dark (Veigas), Athena's Sword (Arme), and/or Taunt(Elesis).
  • Ryan/Lime(Support): Stay away from the Uria bosses' range, casting your ressurection skills as necessary. When the Dios are ready, go toward the bosses and place MP totems(Ryan) or stay near the other players while your MP aura is activated(Lime/Holy Support). Survival is extremely important for Ryan, as his resurrection skill does not work on himself.


  • As much as possible, beat the Uria Bosses before the timer runs out. This prevents the tornadoes from appearing. If the timer does run out, dodge the tornadoes using a low-cost skill. The Dodge ability often fails to protect you from the tornado.
  • Even if you stay far from the Uria bosses' range, some of them still have skills that hit anywhere on the stage. Watch out for skills from Lass, Edel, Holy, and Sieghart/Avatar. When you see their names pop up, immediately dodge using a low-cost skill. Again, the Dodge ability often fails to protect you from their attacks.


  • Uno cannot be damaged until you defeat both Uria Ryan and Uria Dio. However, the same strategy listed above also works in this boss stage. If you cannot defeat Uno in one Onrush, you must leave Uno at around 1200 bars of HP and then regroup. When everyone is ready: Amy must cast Prisma, Veigas/Arme/Elesis then casts Absolute Dark/Athena's Sword/Taunt, and Dio casts Onrush. This strategy lets you defeat Uno without him transforming.
  • If Uno casts his MP Drain and pulls everyone toward him, try to stun him with your pet skill (some pet attacks can stun/hold bosses in place) before he slashes the ground, and dash repeatedly away from him. If your mobility isn't high enough, stand as close to him and if possible, go one platform above/below him. The final hit of Uno's skill usually doesn't hit below him and has a blind spot in between the two blood waves, right above Uno.
  • There is an easy method on keeping the bosses on the same place while luring them in this stage. Go to the topmost platform on either side of the stage while luring the bosses from below. Once here, just jump repeatedly in sync to the bosses' jumps. The bosses usually don't reach the top platform by just jumping. This lets the other playes regroup and regen MP/AP ad pet skill.


  • Uria can be completed with a dedicated party while helping new players get good gear. This guide presents a few methods to consistently clear this event dungeon while freeing up some space to help those in need. However, players with low stats that play as support characters cannot simply sit back and let their teammates carry them either - Everyone on the team has a vital role in ensuring victory, and it still gives the low level/stat players a challenge and a sense of accomplishment when completing the dungeon. There are more strategies out there that achieves the same results; the party that we used to consistently clear the dungeon simply consisted of a tank, some damage dealers, and support characters. This thread welcomes more ideas on how to make Uria less intimidating to newbies.

    I might post a video detailing this strategy soon, to help illustrate some unclear points I made.
    Many thanks to @hannibal3023 and his party/guild for making this possible. Cheers, and Happy Grinding!

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