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  1. Good evening: Since this morning im having a problem with the game play. When i try to join a Room the game stops like forever (but it does not freezes, just stops like it is loading?) Then finally when im in the room, a message comes up, "Failed to Link to relay server" When im playing alone theres no issue in the rooms, but if i join with someone else, 2 things can happend 1º If im room leader i can see the mobs with no issue and get into portals, and play and stuff. 2º If im not room leader i cant see any mob, i cant see any portals at all, but i cant hit the mob. When the other player gets into the portal (that i cant see btw) the game kicks me out of the room. Already tried with another pc, even i tried with another friend,. and he's having the same issue im having. So, i thought could be some problems with antivirus firewall etc, already give the permissions and turn off. Then i uninstalled the game, installed again, nothing the same. Yesterday i had no issue with this it just started today. PD: if this is not where the post's supposed to be, please change it, and i do apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you so much.
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