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  1. iD : vLexLuto 【WolfenHeart】 They are unfriendly groups some of the group often use cheating in order to win.
  2. Reborn immediately has MP 0:06 he teleport behind to the Lin 0:15 use mp1 0:21 use mp1 0:24 use mp2 0:31 use mp1 ID : Shellrru
  3. These two players (HomemSacola and PunkHazard) I often played the game earlier. The two players played against me and they lost the game. I think PunkHazard is a player who uses multiple hacked accounts. When I met these three plug-ins, they were all coherent battles. And the three hacker players appearing in this video are owned by the same player hope this person's IP logged in account can check really thanks ID : SanchoPansa fezinnatios Tockers33
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