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  1. Nickname of the Offender:Seolon Approximate Time:p.m. 05:04 (GMT-3) Proof of Complaint:SS Rank、Instant kill
  2. Damage is "OK" But If you want to learned [Effect] Additional Special Attack represents you need abandon most skill of 2nd job Include 50% attack style、King's Wrath and Water Puddle this is a substantial discrepancy. This is why I so focus. At least i think so. And thanks for you compliment
  3. You mean comparison other character or other skill? I want to express is「Special Attack」lethality low side , maybe can improve ATK a little bit. only x 0.5129 maybe can be like this sorry I digress , thank you for reply my topic
  4. Thank you so much , this is very important to me and Asin. Final question , the「Special Attack」have improve ATK possibility?
  5. like this can activated other skill , only Bamboo Swallows can not btw , in Bamboo Swallows can't concentrate mana 、other skill、pet skill and use Equip Slot item
  6. When I use「Bamboo Swallows」get Combo Specials buff , and I use 「Bamboo Swallows」 once again , can't activated additional special attack. Is it normal? use skill for unique buff can activated additional special attack Razor Air Kick Infinite Hand Hanuman Fire Drop Bamboo Swallows Bamboo Swallows can not It is my view , the 「Special Attack」is feebly and not easy for use , expect can make powerful
  7. As title I play Zeruel Border champion mode probably 10 time, The Arawn no drop any item , include Gate Ore & Gates of Archimedia Chest & GP. I think this is a bug.
  8. When my character only wearing「Sapatos Visuais da Academia de Bruxas」or「Sapatos Visuais do Bester」will result this visual bug 【Sapatos Visuais da Academia de Bruxas】 【Sapatos Visuais do Bester】
  9. When my character wearing「Bermuda do Aniversario GCH」will result this visual bug
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