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  1. Il vento d'oro

  2. You should finish epic missions from Thunder Hammer until Kounat Collapse. Then, you go create a new room in Thunder Hammer with Champion difficulty to unlock the mission. Hopefully, this will solve your issue.
  3. According from one of our Administrator, servers are located in Canada. So it's should be fine for you. Although, that can't be sure to play without completely lags.
  4. You can get by redeem the token from website. Simply, just go to our website. Login with your account, and go to Token. Copy and paste the code, then redeem.
  5. Safe Haven

  6. Welcome to Grand Chase History! chorussuen. Here some answer that might help you a lot. 1. Devilion only recovers 1AP Bar. This because in Season V, where Devilion can be strong when equipped Pet Glyphs. Take a note that MP Recovery doesn't make the AP Recovery increase. 2. Hmm.. for both terms, I think Berkas Jr. were the best, alongside with Frixion/Princeon for AP and Sia for MP. 3. So far it depends how do you play Uno very well. You need a little exercise, if you play on solo. And of course, play with party will make it easy and also you gain a buffs. Goodluck and enjoy with your new adventure.
  7. I mean, comparison damage of Asin within and without Special Attack passive. Also nice meme.
  8. Happy Eid Mubarak! 🙏

  9. Nightmare Journal

  10. Saudações! Confirma-se que a caixa é um erro. Nós lhe daremos a caixa certa. Por favor, espere. Obrigado.
  11. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

  12. Nickname: Ephemer Visual's Name : Azin the Captain Red Items used to create your visual : - Helmet : Elmo Vermelha do Guerreiro - Upper Armor : Cota Vermelha do Guerreiro - Lower Armor : Kounat's Shadowy Order Pants - Gloves : Day Beach Coordi Gloves - Shoes : Botas Vermelha do Guerreiro - Mantle : Manto de Pirata - Weapon : Vembrassa Visual do Serpion - Upper Head : Beach Sungglasses - Arm Ornament : Beach Tattoo
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