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  1. "Your blue skies, mh... ? Why are you so hung on that? Don't you have any questions, any suspicions about how the world works? Logic, causality, the laws of physics are nothing more than tools of the gods' convenience. There's no reason why the sky has to be blue. Enjoy the grand finale."

  2. EN-INT Greetings, Aernas! How long we haven't had a big event, have we? So we're here to propose a challenge to you! As the title says, the event will consist of which team will completing event dungeon: Angry Boss (Eclipse) in the shortest time. You must assemble a team with 5 players and register by replying this topic. As for the 6th member, one of staff member will join you to help. As soon as your team sign up, we will get in touch with you. So, we will available to start the competition. Whoever complete the dungeon with the most shortest time will be the winner. These are the staff members who will join with your team. @Ciel , @HenryMills , @Ephemer, @ultrafast , @ExCrimson , @Deth , @Sun , @Tranques , @ItzScarlz , @Sgathaich Team Name : Members : Staff Member : (Keep it blank. We will choose the team and put our nickname by editing the posts.) The events will be over until 3/8/2020 . (GMT -3 Brasilia) So, Run Chasers! Run! Additional Information: If you're playing alone and don't have a team, do not hesitate to register. We will find your way to fill in a team. Each Staff will give you "Like" the registration, so you know who will be one of us who will be in their rooms.
  3. Happy Birthday!~ 🎂🥳

  4. Greetings, hunters. The first update of 2020 has arrived to boost the server! Various content has returned, such as the coveted VIP and the oriental packages that celebrate the Year of the Rat on the Chinese Calendar. The Summer, Carnival and Back to School Events are full of prizes. But the most important of all is the unpublished content and much awaited by you. So, let's go! Everyone has a good game and make the most of it. Angry Boss (Eclipse) Eclipse returns to the server as the Grand Chase goes through several obstacles to prove its worth and effort.Get your friends together to fight all the bosses and get lots of rewards for their hard work! All Drops Hero's Bullion Epic and Ancient Essence Duel Jr. and Berkas Jr. GP Prop Reset Form GP Random Prop Reset Form Bag (+60) Seal Breaker (1 unit) Random Necklace Box Grade Refinery Scroll (+10 To +17) Special Reinforcement Release Scroll Iron Dragon Scales Random Ancient Wings Box Concentrated Magic Crystal Random Eternal Guardian Box Upgraded Pet Attack for Dark Disciple and Duel Jr. Moonlight Village The Grand Chase heroes were hungry and were drawn to a festival full of delicious food in a village where they will have to unravel some secrets and escape from Gumiho, the soul-eater. The mission has three different routes leading to the boss, two of them leading to the common boss and one leading to the secret boss. The path leading to the secret boss is on a hidden route in phase three that can only be accessed in Hard or Infernal Modes and requires the protection of Jeremiah Toad to face it. In addition, you may use Fox Jewel Shard, Celestial Energy, and Light Pearl items in the Build system. This will allow you to create several themed items! Check out the drops that can be obtained in the mission: Available Drops: Rainbow Pouch Card Box (All Continents) HP Pots (Large) Moonlight Village Ring Box Moonlight Village Earring Box Moonlight Village Mask Moonlight Pearl Luminous Pearl Fox Jewel Fragment Celestial Energy [Card] Goblin Ciclope [Card] Haetae [Card] Vendedor Maníaco [Card] Tigre Comerciante [Card] Caixa Amaldiçoada [Card] Lothus, a dona do Hotel [Card] Lothus Jr. [Card] Gumilho GP Random Prop Reset Form 1st PvE Balancing The most awaited content has finally arrived. After a long time of waiting and planning with some players, we announce the arrival of the 1st Part of the Character Balancing ! In this edition Elesis , Lass and Ley were contemplated and went into battle with the forces of evil. In the topic below, you will find all the changes made to the Balance. Visit this topic with each update as this is where we will put everything that has changed. To commemorate and honor their new strength, everyone received by mail the Ascension Chest for Elesis, Lass and Ley. The Ascension Chest is a gradually opening chest as an incentive to the UP to the maximum level, giving several items that help in their journey in addition to rewarding those who already have level 90. Run and get the Ascension Master's Plate and the Dark Pack , because at the end of this edition, all the chests that are not opened will be deleted from the accounts. Furthermore, the anniversary celebration gave way to the Special Balancing Commemoration ! When playing with Elesis, Lass and Ley will all receive a bonus of 2x EXP and GP. This bonus is applied to the entire room and is cumulative if different characters are in play, buffing the bonus. The flags and cushions also returned. Celebrate Balancing by 10 Epic Essences , each! As it is an extensive and time-consuming content, we have chosen to apply it in parts. In this way, several tests are carried out, both by the team before application and by you later for feedback. And, for that, this topic was created: Your opinion is very important, as it helps us to apply possible corrections in addition to guiding the balance of the next characters. The Daily Seal returns with the Special Edition of the Chinese New Year and Carnival, in addition to providing other event items and consumables. Mouse Coordi Package 3 units Badger Coin 10 units Mystic Lamp 7 days Chest of Random Magic glyph 1 unit Queen's Jewels 7 days Grand Chase Necklace 7 days GachaPon Coin(CASH) 10 units Surprise Necklaces Chest 3 units Gacha Scratch Ticket 10 units Champion Ticket 5 units Coordi Mouse Package for Uno. Solar eclipse After a long time, Eclipse Solar finally returns to History! Every ten minutes, a Solar Eclipse will occur in the game. You can check if it is close to happening by checking the position of the sun and moon in the Eclipse Bar at the top of your game screen. When there is an eclipse, the game screen will be darker in Mission Mode. When the eclipse happens, click on the Eclipse Bar to access the event menu. At that time, you must click on the "Receive" button inside the Premium 1 box to obtain an Eclipse Chest. In addition, it will be possible to find Evil Priests in all phases of Mission Mode, except in Challenge Forest, Dark Tower, Epic Challenge, Dimensional Gate and in event missions. Upon defeating them, you will receive Evidence of Purification, which can be used to create more Eclipse Chests by clicking "Receive" Upon opening the Eclipse Chest, you will receive one of the prizes listed below, randomly: Drops from the Eclipse Chest Enhancement Chocolate Refinement Scroll Special Refinement Scroll Refinery Protiection Scroll Refinery Scroll (+10 to +17) Each Eclipse Chest that is opened will increase your Evil Priest's purification bar. If you open enough chests, you can fully purify the monster and thus obtain a Special Eclipse Chest. Just open this Chest and you will receive the following items: Drops from the Eclipse Special Chest GP Random Prop Reset Form (1 unit) Dark Disciple Pet Dio the King of Errands In this fun little game, you must make purchases of all the products on the list passed by Ley to accumulate special prizes, which may even include pieces from the unprecedented Kanavan School Package, created for our heroes in honor of the old school uniform that Ley and Dio used when they were children. During the period it is active, just click the button on the event bar to access the minigame. Stay tuned, as Dio's Tasks have a duration time to be accomplished. As soon as you click "Start the Game", the time will start to count, and at the beginning you will have five minutes to complete the game. Ley will appear showing a shopping list, with what products she wants and the quantity of each one. You must memorize this list and then walk to the correct stores. Press the "Space" key on the store door to purchase each item. On the right side you will see Dio's inventory and how many items he is carrying of each type. Once you have completed the list, go back to Ley’s house and press Space again to deliver your items. If you got it right, Dio will say "Yes" and you will receive a new list from Ley, as well as saving you a little more time. You will also receive a Credit. It is possible to collect up to nine Credits with Ley per game! If you deliver the wrong items, Dio will say "No" and Ley will come up with a new list. A little time will also be discounted, which varies according to the amount of Credits you have already accumulated. To complicate things a little, Mary may leave the stores. If you run into her, there is a chance she will eat one of the items you are carrying. In addition, Dio will startle you, wasting a little time. When time runs out or you complete nine Credits, the game ends. After that, you will have to wait ten minutes before starting a new one. However, it is possible to cancel the game before time runs out (in case you are going badly) so you can start again faster, just by closing the game. Note, however, that in doing so, you will lose all Credits that you have accumulated in that match and will not be entitled to the prize for those Credits. At the end of the game, click on the "Get Reward" button to see what you have won. The prizes are random, but depend on the amount of Credits earned and the time spent on the match. You can receive Gems, Sealed Beads or the Grand Chase Necklace, among others. In addition, it is also possible to get pieces of the Kanavan School Coordi Pack for a character of your choice! These coordi items can be temporary for a day or permanent! In addition to the parts of the package, it is also possible to obtain a stylized school backpack, bringing the image of the character! Pet Glyphs Glyphs are items that permanently support the performance of pets in battle. Currently, there are 5 different colored glyphs and 2 categories for them. Each glyph will support the mascot in a different way, depending on its color. The glyphs will affect the mascot of the chosen character only. The two categories into which the glyphs are divided are: ● Basic glyphs: They are triangular in shape and are weaker than legendary glyphs ● Epic glyphs: They are square shaped and are much stronger than basic glyphs The names and effects of the glyphs are: ● Magic Ruby: Increases the pet's damage. Basic glyph: Increases by 4%. Epic glyph: Increases by 8%. ● Magic Topaz: Maintains the pet's load during missions. Basic glyph: 15% of the bar loaded. Epic glyph: 50% of the bar loaded. ● Magic Emerald: Increases the pet's loading speed. Basic glyph: Increases by 4%. Epic glyph: Increases by 8%. ● Magic Sapphire: Increases MP / AP recovery. Basic glyph: Increases by 3%. Epic glyph: Increases by 8%. ● Magic Amethyst: Grants AP recovery to pets that do not recover it. In relation to hybrids, it grants double the MP. It is not cumulative to AP characters. Basic glyph: Receive 10% over normal MP. Epic glyph: receives 20% over normal MP. In addition to reinforcing pet power, if a player equips all five glyphs, when their pet appears or attacks, a star-shaped symbol (the same present in the Book of Magic glyphs, where the glyphs are placed) will appear behind of it as an extra bonus, similar to a level 17 fortified weapon When you open a Random Piece of Magic Glyph Chest, you will randomly obtain a Piece of Magic Glyph. By joining 5 of the same type, you can deconstruct them and exchange them for a Magic Fragment . The Basic Magic Glyphs can be purchased through the construction of a Chest Piece of Random Magic Glyphs in the Forge for 50 Lost Dreams or shop for 150 Coins Heroic Epic, while the Epic Magic Glyphs can be purchased in limited events. Only one glyph can be chosen and, when it is opened, undoing its seal, it is fixed on the chosen character. You will not be able to transfer it to another character. You will also have the option to build Epic Magic Glyphs through the Forge for 5 Magic Fragments of the desired color and 1,000,000 GP. Other temporary events may also provide Basic Magic Glyphs! Stay tuned for the awards! Rocco's Spin to Win Rocco's Tornado Spin has had some up-to-date awards but has kept much of the classic that everyone likes! Each Rocco's Coin allows you to play one round of Rocco's Spin Off. Just click the "Rotate" button and the Badger activates his tornado and rotates the board item slots. You can wait for the slots to stop spinning on their own or you can click the "Stop" button to try to stop them at the right time. When they stop, you will be awarded according to the images that appear. Taking 3 images of the same item, you will receive the item from the image as a prize, but if the images are different, you will receive only one Remover. Also, upon failure, you will receive 1 Luck Point. When you complete 7 Lucky Points by taking different images seven times on the board, Rocco activates Lucky 7! The slots will then turn golden and it will be impossible not to take 3 identical images in the next round of Rocco's Tornado Spin! Below you can check out the items available in Rocco's Spin to Win: All Rewards Ming Ming's Chest Ancient Pet Chest [SKIN] Eastern Ming Ming [SKIN] Summer Nyami Chest of Basic Magic Glyphs Chest of Epic Magic Glyphs GP Prop Random Reset Form Rank Reset Card Champion Ticket Ancient Essence Epic Essence Vitamin Crystal Card 2x Second Gear Ring Natal Ring Bonus Recharge SP Return Card MP Potion (XL) HP Potion (XL) Season V Potion Million GP Coupon Socket Gem Oriental Skin for Ming Ming. It is necessary to have the respective pet to use it. Summer Skin for Nyami. It is necessary to have the respective pet to use it. Hooligans It looks like two nice goosebumps are getting ready for Ernas and leaving some items behind. Help us find them! All Drops HP Carnival Potion MP Carnival Potion Mystery Carnival Potion Emote Carioca Hat Emote Pierrô Emote Carnival Mask Emote Queen of Carnival Emote King of Carnival Notebook Epic Essence Ancient Essence Emote Thank Emote Congratulate Emote Best Emote Psh Emote Vamos VIP Directly from the underworld of darkness, the illustrious Patriarch & Matriarch of Penumbra Pack returns to the Grand Chase History for you to show your dominance among the rest. In his obscure company, the Dark Moon Rabbit also returned to help him establish chaos. Check the rewards table below: 1,000 to 3,999 Badger Coin (10 Units) Ticket Mission Event (10 Units) GachaPon Coin - CASH (10 Units) Sealed Bead (10 Units) Patriarch/Matriarch of Penumbra (1 Unit) 4,000 to 6,999 Sealed Bead (30 Units) +1 Warehouse Storage (1 Unit) +10 Spaces in the Warehouse (1 Unit) Special Transformation Scroll (5 Units) Patriarch/Matriarch of Penumbra (1 Unit) 7,000 to 9,999 Gacha Scratch Ticket (50 Units) Coordi Fusion Scroll (5 Units) Coordi Inventory Backpack +50 (1 Uni) Arquemencee's Removal Scroll (5 Units) Patriarch/Matriarch of Penumbra (1 Unit) 10,000 to 15,999 Black Serpent's Anklet Chest(1 Unit) Black Serpent's Necklace Chest (1 Unit) Harkyon Card (2 Units) Dark Moon Rabbit Pet Patriarch/Matriarch of Penumbra (2 Units) 16,000 or more Caxias Grandiel Card (2 Units) Shubalu Card (2 Units) Scroll of Prop. Select GP (5 Units) Chest of Epic Magic Glyphs (3 Units) Patriarch/Matriach of Penumbra (15 Units) Matriarch and Patriarch of Penumbra package for Ley and Azin, respectively. Dark Moon Rabbit mascot. By equipping the Penumbra Shield of Relic status your character will enable a new pose in the room, show everyone your sovereignty! You can also use this pose with any other look, just equip the shields and the throne will be yours. Attention: Transforming these shields into another look will cause it to lose its unique effect. GachaPon In this rotation, GachaPon also celebrates the Chinese New Year and Carnival. Take the opportunity to rotate the capsules and acquired packages such as package Sakura, Wedding Package Chinese, Carmen and the Trickster Package, among others. Sakura Coordi Package for Uno and Lime, respectively. Chinese Wedding Coordi Package for Rufus and Amy, respectively. Qipao Coordi Package for Arme and Asin, respectively. Imperial Coordi Package for Elesis and Dio, respectively. Shinobi Coordi package for Rupus and Ley, respectively. Carmen's Coordi Package for Mari and Trickster for Zero, respectively. Lucky Gacha Scratch In celebration of the Lunar New Year in China, the Oriental Jade and Ruby Packages return to the server for this beloved celebration! This year, we celebrate the Year of the Rat! You will also have the chance to win the Candy Devil Skin dressed for the lunar festival ~ Gõng xǐ fā cái! Oriental Jade Pack for Lire and Zero, respectively. Oriental Ruby Package for Jin and Lin, respectively. Are you unlucky? Getting Lost Dream nonstop? Do not worry! You can use your Lost Dreams in the Forge to create a beautiful little mouse ! You can also exchange your Mouse for a Lucky Mouse , which will give you an EXP and GP bonus ! [SKIN] Candy Festival Lunar, Mouse and Lucky Mouse. Super Seal Breaker System Sirioth and Dokkaebi King return to exalt the oriental theme, Princeon and Nerissa exhibit the energy of the elements and Dark Nightmare and Raven witness the authority of darkness. EQUIPMENT Sirioth Kiara Dark nightmare Coordis Princeon Nerissa Raven CASH Shop The CASH Store has been updated with several commemorative packages. Sing the Marchinhas and follow the carnival blocks with the Carnival, Harlequin and Colombina packages, enter the pool with the Magic and Summer Beauty packages , revitalize yourself with the oriental energy with Mist, Air, & Water coordi and participate in the harvest of the village with the Harvest Festival and the Haunted Village packages , among other items. Carnival Coordi Package 400 CASH Harlequin or Colombina Package 400 CASH Summer Magic Coordi Pack 1780 CASH Summer Beauty Coordi Package 1780 CASH Priest Shaman Coordi Pack 1000 CASH Haunted Village Coordi Package 1000 CASH Mist Coordi Package 1000 CASH Air Coordi Package 1000 CASH Water Coordi Package 1000 CASH Harvest Festival Coordi Package 700 CASH Priest's Coordi Accessories 200 CASH Misc Packages MISCELLANEOUS Summer Weapon Chest 580 CASH Summer Kit 300 CASH Allegorical Carnival Accessories 600 CASH Fish Anklet 350 CASH Aquarius Anklet 350 CASH Residence Items MISCELLANEOUS Check out the packages added below: Pacote Visual da Espadachim de Batalha Pacote Visual da Justiceira de Elite Pacote Visual da Cavaleira de Elite Pacote da Espadachim Dourada Pacote da Espadachim Desvanecida Pacote da justiceira Negra Pacote da Ilustre Justiceira Pacote da Cavaleira Negra Pacote do Despertar da Elesis Pacote Negro da Justiceira Pacote Negro da Espadachim Pacote do Ninja Pacote do Novo Vingador Pacote do Vingador das Sombras Pacote do Retalhador da Escuridão Pacote Negro do Ninja Pacote Visual da Edna Pacote Visual da Princesa Gótica Pacote Visual da Princesa Escarlate Pacote Visual Negro da Encantrix Pacote Visual da Feiticeira das Trevas Pacote da Imperatriz das Trevas Pacote da Princesa de Elyos Pacote Negro da Princesa de Elyos Pacote Vermelho da Princesa de Elyos Pacote Vermelho da Encantrix Pacote da Invocadora Infernal Pacote Visual da Princesa Esmeralda Kit de Acessórios da Imperatriz das Trevas Kit de Acessórios da Princesa de Elyos Check out the residency items added below: Cadeira de Bolo de Arroz Mesa de Jantar de Bolo de Arroz Armário Dahong Vermelho Dahong Roxo Almofada Vermelha Almofada Roxa Papel de Parede Mesinha de Madeira Vaso de Cor Jade Caqui Songpyeon Pipa Lamparina Carnival package for Lime and Rufus, respectively. Harlequin Package for Veigas and Colombina for Edel, respectively. Summer Magic Coordi Pack for Ley and Uno, respectively. Summer Beauty Coordi Package for Amy and Jin, respectively. Priest Shaman Coordi Package for Lin and Priest for Veigas, respectively. Haunted Village Coordi Package for Uno and Lime, respectively. Mist Coordi Package for Ronan, Air for Jin and Water for Lass, respectively. Harvest Festival Coordi Package for Ryan and Lire, respectively. Hero Bullion Shop The Heroic Shop compensates all honorable players from Ernas. Use your Epic Coins to purchase the Casanova Pack and the new Taiyaki and Bucket Heads and kill your hunger with the Cup Noodles helmet ! The mascots Moon Rabbit , Casanova and Pierrot are also waiting to start your adventure! Casanova Coordi Package 200 Epic Coin / piece Taiyaki and Bucket 200 Epic Coin Cup Noodles Head 200 Epic Coin Moon Rabbit 250 Epic Coin Casanova 250 Epic Coin Pierrot 250 Epic Coin Chest Piece of Basic Magic Glyph 150 Epic Coin Casanova Coordi package for Lin and Dio, respectively. Head of Taiyaki for Elesis and Bucket for Lire, respectively. Cup Noodles Head for Elesis. Forge Last but not least. The rotation of the Forge for the farmers on duty receives several Return to School items such as the New and Old Student packages , in addition to the unprecedented Pencil Package . Continuing the celebration of the Chinese New Year, the Chinese and Kumi packages also entered. Use sunscreen to walk Ernas with packages for summer and holidays and enter the avenue with the new skin Battery Queen for Gwen ! Chinese Coordi Package 3 Epic Essence 1,000,000 GP Separate Parts Old School Coordi Pack 3 Ancient Essence 1,000,000 GP Separate Parts Old Student Coordi Pack 3 Epic Essence 1,000,000 GP Separate Parts Geisha Coordi Package 1 Moonlight Pearl 3 Celestial Energy 3 Luminous Pearl 3 Fox Jewel Fragment 500,000 GP Separate Parts Summer Coordi Package 3 Epic Essence 1,000,000 GP Separate Parts Holiday Coordi Package 3 Ancient Essence 1,000,000 GP Separate Parts Pencil Coordi Pack 10 Notebook 1,000,000 GP Individual (Avito) Backpack Wings 10 Epic Essence 1,000,000 GP Furious Monk Wings 100 Dream Lost 1,000,000 GP Mini Monk 100 Dream Lost 1,000,000 GP (Avito) Carnival Accessories 10 Ancient Essence Separate Parts Cushion and Flag 10 Epic Essence 1,000,000 GP Lucky Mouse 1 Mouse 100 Dream Lost 1,000,000 GP Individual [SKIN] Gwen Queen of Drums 2 Epic Essence 20 Crystal 1,000,000 GP Village Lamp Coordi Chest 1 Moonlight Pearl 3 Celestial Energy 3 Luminous Pearl 3 Fox Jewel Fragment 500,000 GP Individual Chest Piece of Basic Magic Glyph 50 Lost Dream Sealed Loose Magic Glyph 5 Magic Fragments of the chosen color 1,000,000 GP Chinese package for Edel and Lass, respectively School Package for Ronan and Old Student for Ley, respectively. Kumi package for Mari and Uno, respectively. Summer Coordi Package for Lire and Ryan, respectively. Holiday Coordi Package for Lass and Arme, respectively. Pencil Coordi Package for Arme, respectively. Drum Queen Skin for Gwen. It is necessary to have the respective pet to use it. Misc Content COORDI UPDATE The following characters have had their facial textures and some class packs improved: ELESIS LASS Ley THEMATIC PLAZA Bring your warriors to samba in our Plaza de Carnaval! BREAK OLINDA'S DOLLS Challenge your friends to find out who is the fastest to destroy the dolls in PvP! Fixes Correction of model and texture of Radiant Flower Coordi Package for several characters; Correction of model and texture of Faded Flower Coordi Package for several characters; Fixed Carnival Coordi Package icon for Jin and Sieghart.
  5. Give praise, for he has no equal.
    Worship him. A god has been born unto the world.
    Cower in fear, He will not forgive any vice.
    Devote yourself. Your fate is overwritten.

  6. Greetings Chaser, how are you? It has been a long time since we have traveled the same path. We had easy stretches, difficult stretches, but as Chasers, we kept our minds intact and took down all obstacles and enemies along this path. Now, this is a special moment. After a long time, you both asked and waited too, we would like to inform you that our PvE Balancing project finally it is moving towards its final stages. As many of you know, for some months we have been planning how the project would be, defining the evaluation criteria for each character, making tests and retests, including some of our players were invited to know our project more closely, having access to the channels of communication and prior changes. We would like to clarify that the balance notes below may change (if necessary); changes will be subject to ongoing monitoring by team members in addition to, of course, your feedback. Changes from the release date of this topic will be updated right here. Also remember that this topic is only about PvE Balancing. PvP Balancing will come after the end of PvE Balancing. Below, you can check the balances already inserted in the game¹, have fun: 1st PVE BALANCING Z Combo with 5 hits: Damage from each hit increased by 25%; Hyper Armor: 8 seconds duration and + 3% Critical Strike bonus over the duration; Provocation (ST): Cooldown has been increased from 20 to 25 seconds; Provoked monsters now have their Attack increased by 10% and their defense is no longer reduced by 10%, but by 20%; Mega Slash Lv2: Damage increased by 10%; Mega Slash Lv3: Damage increased by 20%; Winding Flash Lv2: Damage increased by 10%; Cruel Cleave Lv1: Damage increased by 10%; Cruel Cleave Lv2: Damage increased by 30%; Sword Fire Lv1: Damage reduced by 10%; Sword Fire Lv3: Damage increased by 10%; Cross Slash Lv1: Damage reduced by 10%; Cross Slash Lv2: Damage reduced by 5%; Round Stream Lv1: Damage reduced by 10%; Critical X Lv1: Damage increased by 5%; Critical X Lv2: Damage increased by 15%; Critical X Lv3: Damage increased by 25%; Magnum Break/Vertical Slash Lv1: Damage increased by 5%; Magnum Break/Vertical Slash Lv2: Damage increased by 20%; Meteor Slash Lv1: Damage increased by 10%; Meteor Slash Lv2: Damage increased by 55%; Circle Blade (Cash): Damage increased by 70%; Magnum Break (Cash): Damage increased by 35%; Storm Blade (Cash): Damage increased by 55%; Bravery/Braver (Special Skill): Damage increased by 430% in all dependencies; End of Heart (Special Skill 2): Damage increased by 50%; Note: Provocation is now shared among all classes of Elesis. Z Combo damage increased by 25%; Force Strike: Damage increased by 45%; Leap Attack (Cash): Damage increased by 60%; Compact Slash/Tornado Swing: Damage increased by 120%; Fire Lance/Dragon Slash: Damage increased by 130%; also fixed a problem where the directional effect of the boom was improperly performed; Spirit Lance/Lance of Spirit: Damage increased by 200%; damage per second after the first hit increased by 100%; Z Combo damage increased by 70%; Power Break: Damage increased by 70%; Blade Beam: Damage increased by 5%; Dragon Dive: Damage increased by 40%; Chaos Judgment: Damage increased by 85%; Combo Z damage increased by 45%; Round Crash: Damage increased by 40%; Fated Circle: Damage increased by 55%; Chaos Savior: Damage increased by 70%; Annihilate/Genocide: Damage increased by 145%; Damage from basic combos increased by 95%; Paralyzing Shuriken duration increased from 10 to 13 seconds; Kagemusha: Duration increased from 15 seconds to 25 seconds; Impact Slash/Thunder Slash Lv1: Damage increased by 25%; Impact Slash/Thunder Slash Lv2: Damage increased by 35%; Impact Slash/Thunder Slash Lv3: Damage increased by 55%; Aust Hammer: Damage increased by 35%; Spinning Slash Lv1: Damage increased by 45%; Spinning Slash Lv2: Damage increased by 65%; Double Slash: Damage increased by 75%; Hornet's Sting: Damage increased by 65%; Scorched Earth: Damage increased by 25%; Scroll of Binding: Damage increased by 35%; Shadow Stranger Lv1: Damage increased by 35%; Shadow Stranger Lv2: Damage increased by 45%; Blood Bash: Damage increased by 85%; Final Strike: Damage increased by 65%; Thunder Slash: Damage increased by 45%; Raven Walker: Damage increased by 45%; Exploding Scroll: Damage increased by 45%; Venom Slice: Damage increased by 65%; Dread Breaker: Damage increased by 155%; Gust Thunder: Damage increased by 100% and additional damage in shocks increased by 50%; Z Combo damage increased by 100%; Frenzy Sword: Damage increased by 95%; Splash Explosion: Damage increased by 100%; Deadly Sharp: Damage increased by 100%; Shadow Vanish: Damage increased by 115%; Z Combo damage increased by 85%; Invisible State: Buff duration increased from 3 to 7 seconds alongside with Bonus 5% Critical Attack Damage; Hyper-Sonic Step: Damage increased by 85%; Unlimited Blade: Damage increased by 100%; Space Divide: Damage increased by 135%; Z Combo damage increased by 125%; special combos received a 55% increase in damage; Rage Cutter: Damage increased by 85%; Phantom Blade: Damage increased by 95%; Blade Spirit: Damage increased by 65%; Giga Slash: Damage increased by 125%; Shadow Vanish: Increase in duration from 15 to 25 seconds; Flash: Increase the duration time from 10 to 15 seconds; Super Jump: Cooldown time reduced to 7 seconds; Jeeves Etiquette: 50% increased damage; Gravity Ball: 15% increased damage; Flame Roll: 70% increased damage; Secret Passage: 55% increased damage; Jeeves Power Bomb: 50% increased damage; Shove: 45% increased damage; Uncertain Air: Damage reduced by 5%; Tear Drop: 185% increased damage; Grim Hand: 40% increased damage; Center of Gravity: 20% increased damage; Tic-Toc: Damage increased by 40% Heavy: 25% increased damage; Firebird Splash: 60% increased damage; Dark Luminous: 20% increased damage; Netherwind: 30% increased damage; Flawless Attack: 45% increased damage; Half Moon: 50% increased damage; Havoc: 50% increased damage; Real Dark: 40% increased damage; Summons are now Immortal; Bastion: 15% attack bonus while summoned; Jeeves: 5% healing bonus while summoned; Haunt: 4% critical bonus while summoned (in addition to the original); Gargoyle: Cooldown Time reduced by 4 seconds while summoned and now has the same function as the Orb of Dio's time; On Target/Lock-On: 100% increased damage and the number of attacks has been doubled; Mortality: 110% increased damage; NEXT CHARACTERS THAT WILL RECEIVE CHANGES ¹: This topic will be updated as changes are made to the game.
  7. どうして空は蒼いのか

  8. Rest in peace, Acqua.

  9. "Feliz Ano Novo!"
    "Happy New Year!"
    "새해 복 많이 받으십시오!"
    "Selamat Tahun Baru!"

  10. Another one bites the dust..

  11. Is this the real life?
    Is this just fantasy?
    Caught in a landslide
    No escape from reality

    1. MBlame


      Open your eyes
      Look at the sky and see! 

    2. ItzScarlz


      "Mama, Just killed a man~ Put a gun against his head, pulled my trigger now he's dead~
      Mama~ Life had just begun! But now I've gone and thrown it all away~"
      Love Queen ❤️

  12. 607px-ZCDS-0015.png.jpeg

    Love this album. 
    Especially when he brought Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom BGM.

  13. November is here! We are near the holidays and we have prepared a little content to warm them up before our dear Christmas update! Below you will be able to check what you have entered and have a chance to conquer and enjoy past update content that may have been left behind. You can also check out our Black Friday Special Bonus. Nightmares Circus Ernas's most chilling spectacle returns to History. Come along with the Grand Chase warriors to experience and explore this terrifying adventure and earn the rewards of Nightmare Circus! All Drops Monster Card Box (All Continents) Circus Chest of Armor (Level 30, 50 and 70) Circus Chest of Accessories (Level 30, 50 and 70) Precious Chest Circus Armor Coupon Circus Accessories Coupon Refinery Scroll (+7 to +15) GP Random Prop Reset Form Transparent Accessory Chest (7 days) Common & Premium Transmute Scroll Socket Gem Monster Express 301 Embark with the Grand Chase on a quest to rescue Harpe, who contains his soul aboard the Monster Express 301, which is on its way to the Underworld. You need to stop the train before it reaches its destination and retrieve the information Harpe has to convey! All Drops Monster Card Box (All Continents) Fortification Stone Chest Refinery Protection Scroll Premium Transmutation Scroll Large Potions (HP, MP and Mysterious) Casey Bones Pet Refinery Scroll (+7 to +17) Precious Pearl (All Continents) Precious Chest Reinforcement Release Scroll Choco'brick Bar Socket Gem Attendant's Armor Chest Coupon Attendant's Accessory Chest Coupon Attendant's Armor Chest (Level 30, 50 and 70) Attendant's Accessory Chest (Level 30, 50 and 70) Flower Festival Enjoy the visit to the Plaza and bring those Chocolate Roses that the Chocolate Slime dropped, they will be useful! Go to any Plaza with your Chocolate Roses and find the Donation Container . Just click on it to donate your chocolates! Upon completion of the container, an HP and MP bonus will be available on mission for one hour! Additionally, you may receive one of the following bonuses at random: ATK / DEF / HP + 5% Super Armor Crit. Chance + 100% MP + 100% Recovery Super Jump After an hour, the Container will be empty again and you can donate Chocolate Roses again. Hooligans Looks like two little gooies are making the biggest mess for Ernas ... Can you help us? Search for Chocolate Slime or Angelic Slime and earn useful items for some of the active events! Don't forget to take your Rose Chocolates to the Plaza! Chocolate Slime and Angelic Slime. Rose Chocolate Gift Box Puzzle Pieces Super Fantastic Gift Box The Super Fantastic Gift Box returns to Grand Chase History! You can get Puzzle pieces by defeating hooligans scattered throughout the missions, buying Party Packs from the store or trying your luck with your GachaPon coins on the GP machine! You can exchange individual pieces for the following prizes: HP Potion (XL) (2) MP Potion (XL) (2) Mysterious Potion (G) (2) Champion Ticket Double Crystal Card Bonus Recharge (2) Skill Tree Key Blacksmith's Protection (1 day) Fusion Coupon By choosing to exchange all parts simultaneously, you have the chance to receive one of the following items: Random Gacha Dungeon Pet Box A Random Gacha Pet Box B Boss Pet Scroll Box Extreme Skill Key Weapon Change Key Premium Refine Protection Scroll (2) SP Return Card (5) Nutrients IV (14 days) Premium GC Club (5 days) Champion Ticket (3) HP Potion 100% (5) Hero's Potion (5) Fusion Coupon (5) 2x Crystal Card (3) Natal Ring (5) Second Gear Ring (10) VIP The VIP System has brought back the beloved Hanana package, plus a lower return than usual! Enjoy spending your CASH and getting good rewards in return! Check below the values and awards: Values Rewards 1,000 to 2,999 Fusion Coupon (5 pcs) GachaPon Coin (CASH) (10 pcs) Complete Gift Box Puzzle (1 pcs) Blacksmith's Protection (3 days) Hanana Visual Pack Chest (1 pcs) 3,000 to 5,999 Champion Ticket (10 pcs) Hero Dungeon Ticket (10 pcs) Event Dungeon Ticket (10 pcs) Premium GC Club (3 days) Hanana Visual Pack Chest (1 pcs) 6,000 to 9,999 Lucky Gacha Scratch Ticket (10 pcs) Seal Breaker Scrolls (10 pcs) Premium Transmutation Scroll (5 pcs) Coordi Fusion Scroll (5 pcs) Hanana Visual Pack Chest (2 pcs) 10,000 to 11,999 Lucky Gacha Scratch Ticket (10 pcs) +10 Coordi Bag (3 pcs) Random Gacha Dungeon Pet Box B (3 pcs) Refreshing Coconut Hanana Visual Pack Chest (2 pcs) 12,000 or more Random Gacha Dungeon Pet Box A (3 pcs.) Grade 17 Refinery Scroll (3 pcs.) Single Property Scroll (Lv.85) (3 pcs.) Count Von Bucchantes Card (3 pcs.) Hanana Visual Pack Chest ( 14 units) Visual Pack of Hanana. Lucky Gacha Fortune The Lucky Gacha Fortune returns to the server with one of the community favorites: Gaia Visual Package! Enjoy the last chance of the year to achieve this beautiful look! Visual Package of Gaia. You will also have the chance to win different hairstyles to leave the package to your liking! Gacha-Pon The Gacha-Pon System has been updated on its CASH and GP machines! On CASH machines you get the chance to win a beautiful old-time Grand Chase package, as well as the chance to win visuals that have already passed here on the server for your pets for the last time this year! Visual Package of Sakura. Customization Pet Skin Chest 1. You must have their pets to use them. Customization Pet Skin Chest 2. You must have their pets to use them. GP Capsules Complete Gift Box Puzzle (1 pcs) GachaPon Coin (1 pcs) GC Club (1 day) Super Seal Breaker System The rotation of the Seal Breaker System this time will feature some very dear community packages. Check out the new equipment and coordi rotation below! EQUIPMENT Dokaebi King Ariel COORDI Bluebell Havoc CASH Shop Check out the items that returned to the CASH shop this month! Enjoy catching them later this year! Silver Surprise Chest 120 CASH Gold Surprise Chest 120 CASH Platinum Surprise Chest 400 CASH Flower Festival Visual Package 850 CASH Flower Spirit Mysterious Box 100 CASH Nemesis Visual Package 1000 CASH Tropical Visual Weapons Chest 850 Cash Sagittarius Anklet 350 CASH Cherry Blossom's Accessories 360 CASH Tactical Battle Visual Package available in "Platinum Surprise Chest". Visual Package of Flower Festival Visual Package of Nemesis. Hero's Shop The Hero's Shop received a few items that didn't show up on the server a long time ago. It's your chance to win them later this year! Royal VIP Accessories Visual Training Weapon Rissa Pet Card Bakunawa Pet Card Test equipment from previous seasons class: Forge The forge received a minor update this month! For PvP lovers, Grand Sage's package has returned and is waiting for you in return for your PvP coins. Visual Pack of Grand Sage. Fixes Model and texture correction of the Dark Visual Pack for Dio, Zero and Azin; Halloween Visual Helmet template fix for Lime; Freyja Gavel model correction for Lime; Animation correction of the Witch Academia Visual Helmet for Sieghart
  14. Tonight Stars an Easygoing Egoist ~ Egoistic Flowers.

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