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  1. 607px-ZCDS-0015.png.jpeg

    Love this album. 
    Especially when he brought Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom BGM.

  2. November is here! We are near the holidays and we have prepared a little content to warm them up before our dear Christmas update! Below you will be able to check what you have entered and have a chance to conquer and enjoy past update content that may have been left behind. You can also check out our Black Friday Special Bonus. Nightmares Circus Ernas's most chilling spectacle returns to History. Come along with the Grand Chase warriors to experience and explore this terrifying adventure and earn the rewards of Nightmare Circus! All Drops Monster Card Box (All Continents) Circus Chest of Armor (Level 30, 50 and 70) Circus Chest of Accessories (Level 30, 50 and 70) Precious Chest Circus Armor Coupon Circus Accessories Coupon Refinery Scroll (+7 to +15) GP Random Prop Reset Form Transparent Accessory Chest (7 days) Common & Premium Transmute Scroll Socket Gem Monster Express 301 Embark with the Grand Chase on a quest to rescue Harpe, who contains his soul aboard the Monster Express 301, which is on its way to the Underworld. You need to stop the train before it reaches its destination and retrieve the information Harpe has to convey! All Drops Monster Card Box (All Continents) Fortification Stone Chest Refinery Protection Scroll Premium Transmutation Scroll Large Potions (HP, MP and Mysterious) Casey Bones Pet Refinery Scroll (+7 to +17) Precious Pearl (All Continents) Precious Chest Reinforcement Release Scroll Choco'brick Bar Socket Gem Attendant's Armor Chest Coupon Attendant's Accessory Chest Coupon Attendant's Armor Chest (Level 30, 50 and 70) Attendant's Accessory Chest (Level 30, 50 and 70) Flower Festival Enjoy the visit to the Plaza and bring those Chocolate Roses that the Chocolate Slime dropped, they will be useful! Go to any Plaza with your Chocolate Roses and find the Donation Container . Just click on it to donate your chocolates! Upon completion of the container, an HP and MP bonus will be available on mission for one hour! Additionally, you may receive one of the following bonuses at random: ATK / DEF / HP + 5% Super Armor Crit. Chance + 100% MP + 100% Recovery Super Jump After an hour, the Container will be empty again and you can donate Chocolate Roses again. Hooligans Looks like two little gooies are making the biggest mess for Ernas ... Can you help us? Search for Chocolate Slime or Angelic Slime and earn useful items for some of the active events! Don't forget to take your Rose Chocolates to the Plaza! Chocolate Slime and Angelic Slime. Rose Chocolate Gift Box Puzzle Pieces Super Fantastic Gift Box The Super Fantastic Gift Box returns to Grand Chase History! You can get Puzzle pieces by defeating hooligans scattered throughout the missions, buying Party Packs from the store or trying your luck with your GachaPon coins on the GP machine! You can exchange individual pieces for the following prizes: HP Potion (XL) (2) MP Potion (XL) (2) Mysterious Potion (G) (2) Champion Ticket Double Crystal Card Bonus Recharge (2) Skill Tree Key Blacksmith's Protection (1 day) Fusion Coupon By choosing to exchange all parts simultaneously, you have the chance to receive one of the following items: Random Gacha Dungeon Pet Box A Random Gacha Pet Box B Boss Pet Scroll Box Extreme Skill Key Weapon Change Key Premium Refine Protection Scroll (2) SP Return Card (5) Nutrients IV (14 days) Premium GC Club (5 days) Champion Ticket (3) HP Potion 100% (5) Hero's Potion (5) Fusion Coupon (5) 2x Crystal Card (3) Natal Ring (5) Second Gear Ring (10) VIP The VIP System has brought back the beloved Hanana package, plus a lower return than usual! Enjoy spending your CASH and getting good rewards in return! Check below the values and awards: Values Rewards 1,000 to 2,999 Fusion Coupon (5 pcs) GachaPon Coin (CASH) (10 pcs) Complete Gift Box Puzzle (1 pcs) Blacksmith's Protection (3 days) Hanana Visual Pack Chest (1 pcs) 3,000 to 5,999 Champion Ticket (10 pcs) Hero Dungeon Ticket (10 pcs) Event Dungeon Ticket (10 pcs) Premium GC Club (3 days) Hanana Visual Pack Chest (1 pcs) 6,000 to 9,999 Lucky Gacha Scratch Ticket (10 pcs) Seal Breaker Scrolls (10 pcs) Premium Transmutation Scroll (5 pcs) Coordi Fusion Scroll (5 pcs) Hanana Visual Pack Chest (2 pcs) 10,000 to 11,999 Lucky Gacha Scratch Ticket (10 pcs) +10 Coordi Bag (3 pcs) Random Gacha Dungeon Pet Box B (3 pcs) Refreshing Coconut Hanana Visual Pack Chest (2 pcs) 12,000 or more Random Gacha Dungeon Pet Box A (3 pcs.) Grade 17 Refinery Scroll (3 pcs.) Single Property Scroll (Lv.85) (3 pcs.) Count Von Bucchantes Card (3 pcs.) Hanana Visual Pack Chest ( 14 units) Visual Pack of Hanana. Lucky Gacha Fortune The Lucky Gacha Fortune returns to the server with one of the community favorites: Gaia Visual Package! Enjoy the last chance of the year to achieve this beautiful look! Visual Package of Gaia. You will also have the chance to win different hairstyles to leave the package to your liking! Gacha-Pon The Gacha-Pon System has been updated on its CASH and GP machines! On CASH machines you get the chance to win a beautiful old-time Grand Chase package, as well as the chance to win visuals that have already passed here on the server for your pets for the last time this year! Visual Package of Sakura. Customization Pet Skin Chest 1. You must have their pets to use them. Customization Pet Skin Chest 2. You must have their pets to use them. GP Capsules Complete Gift Box Puzzle (1 pcs) GachaPon Coin (1 pcs) GC Club (1 day) Super Seal Breaker System The rotation of the Seal Breaker System this time will feature some very dear community packages. Check out the new equipment and coordi rotation below! EQUIPMENT Dokaebi King Ariel COORDI Bluebell Havoc CASH Shop Check out the items that returned to the CASH shop this month! Enjoy catching them later this year! Silver Surprise Chest 120 CASH Gold Surprise Chest 120 CASH Platinum Surprise Chest 400 CASH Flower Festival Visual Package 850 CASH Flower Spirit Mysterious Box 100 CASH Nemesis Visual Package 1000 CASH Tropical Visual Weapons Chest 850 Cash Sagittarius Anklet 350 CASH Cherry Blossom's Accessories 360 CASH Tactical Battle Visual Package available in "Platinum Surprise Chest". Visual Package of Flower Festival Visual Package of Nemesis. Hero's Shop The Hero's Shop received a few items that didn't show up on the server a long time ago. It's your chance to win them later this year! Royal VIP Accessories Visual Training Weapon Rissa Pet Card Bakunawa Pet Card Test equipment from previous seasons class: Forge The forge received a minor update this month! For PvP lovers, Grand Sage's package has returned and is waiting for you in return for your PvP coins. Visual Pack of Grand Sage. Fixes Model and texture correction of the Dark Visual Pack for Dio, Zero and Azin; Halloween Visual Helmet template fix for Lime; Freyja Gavel model correction for Lime; Animation correction of the Witch Academia Visual Helmet for Sieghart
  3. :LinPopCorn:

    1. ItzScarlz


      I'm still waiting, Ephy.. ❤️ 😚

  4. Tonight Stars an Easygoing Egoist ~ Egoistic Flowers.

  5. Mor Ardain - Roaming the Wastes

  6. Congratulations, Yil.
    You deserved well!~

    1. Yil


      Thanks mate ! Now we're gonna slay ❤️

  7. Allright, thanks for give us your nickname. I will inform Game Master @Yil to send the key to your account. It should be in your inventory within 24 hours. Thank you.
  8. Hello, sorry for the late response. For the first mission of Legendary Bronze Crest, You must clear The Crucible 10 times. If you follow the conditions like the description said, the mission will count twice. Hopefully this will help you. Thank you
  9. determinazione

    1. Takara



    2. Stemid



  10. Ooh, I want you 
    I don't know if I need you 
    But, ooh, I'd die to find out 
    Ooh, I want you 
    I don't know if I need you 
    But, ooh, I'd die to find out 


  11. If it's about general talk of grand chase PC. I think it was back to first and second season. Remember when Kaze'dogge is mostly dangerous boss ever, and Yamini healing is absolutely annoying. Her giant ignition balls covers the whole platform, really hard to escape. But if it's on this server, I actually met with my friends too, and we're discuss a lot stuff. And, some moist prize I get when I randomly guessing the music references. Lmao
  12. Il vento d'oro

  13. You should finish epic missions from Thunder Hammer until Kounat Collapse. Then, you go create a new room in Thunder Hammer with Champion difficulty to unlock the mission. Hopefully, this will solve your issue.
  14. According from one of our Administrator, servers are located in Canada. So it's should be fine for you. Although, that can't be sure to play without completely lags.
  15. You can get by redeem the token from website. Simply, just go to our website. Login with your account, and go to Token. Copy and paste the code, then redeem.
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