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  1. Greetings Chasers, I @Yil have translated the topics areas so you guys know where to properly create the topic in the area that you guys need help in, and to provide clear given information so that we [Staff] can help you properly. I also tagged a few Frequently Asked Questions to clear a few things too. Guide: Questions & Concerns Area: The area of Questions and Concerns is basically for people who have difficulties in understanding certain things and needs a “quick” answer. Read everything below carefully and come back whenever you are having trouble posting/answering a topic. Notes: The Question & Concerns area is for questions based on both the Game and the Forum. Be as clear as possible in the title of the question, the title is the gateway and with it we already know what the question is about. Avoid creating topics with titles like: Help me, Quick question, I'm in trouble and anything in between those examples. Just be clear and specific.. Anyone has the right to respond in that area so be polite and helpful. This area contains the Voting System so that the best answers are identified with a Green Check mark. The area of Clarified Questions is intended for questions with good answers. Clarified and invalid topics are there. RULE for Invalid topic: by organization, topic tag [Invalid] will be placed if it’s within 24 hours after it is closed. The time is given for the author of the topic to be aware of what has occurred. Periodically the area will be revised. Unnecessary questions about out of the season will be disapproved and considered invalid. Technical Problems or Server Instability will not be dealt in this Topic thread. Avoid flooding topics, and if u need assistance with technical support create a topic by using the area of Access Issues or General Chat. Any discussion that has divergent opinions or answers will be moved to Chat. For an Example: Approved topic template: Title: How do I get Seal Breakers? Question: Enter here something relating to the title of the question. Invalid topic template: Title: What is the next reward system? Question: Random dog Meme or nothing related to the title. Well, that's it, guys. I hope this helps and you are free to ask and respond. General Problems: This section is intended to all problems involving the game itself (related to your account only), but be aware of the following observations: When creating a topic, please enter your nickname. If your topic doesn't show this data, it will be archived; If you can't access the game, use the Access Issues section; If you'd like to report or know why your account was banned, please use this section; Some of situations regarding to General Problems: For Example: Bugged Items, Mission Error Bugs, Not Receiving Complete Seal Breaker Sets, ETC. Bugged Items: Every once in a while some items in certain accounts bug and it makes it impossible for the players to use or causes them to double up stats. Mission Error Bugs: Sometimes some players can complete the missions. There are some cases where they do the Quests and display that it counts, but at the end of the mission it still says that it’s incomplete. Resulting in Mission Error Bugs. Not Receiving SB pieces: There are cases that some players are opening up the SB System and some pieces block them from completing it, or when they complete it and it wont open the pet, some pieces do not show up in the account’s inventory, sometimes the Visual is Equip and Equip is Visual. Example of a Valid Topic: Title: Lv 86 Mission Part 3 Is bugged. Topic: Be specific on what’s going on when you try to complete it. These cases a Moderators will need details about your case and only GMs, Supervisors, and Admins are capable of modifying or fixing the problem for you. The more specific you are in your topic the faster we can help you get it fixed. Access Issues Area: This section is intended exclusively for problems that prevent the player from connecting to the game properly. Any topic that isn't related to this section's theme will be archived. This Topic is commonly used for the following issues: Problem Installing the Game. Launcher does not open/Stopped working. Could not download internal configs. Please try again later. Problems relating to Languages Download froze in Launcher/ Slow Problem opening the Settings Gear on Launcher White Screen Problems with Connection Error of dbghelp.dll Etc. This area of the topic is the most tedious one. It takes trial and error to fix the issue. But there is always an outcome to it. This side of the Forum needs a lot of patience and we’ll assist you through it as detailed as possible. This Forum Topic thread is for those who CANNOT ACCESS THE GAME at all. Special Support Area: This area was created recently to target the best service for those people facing FPS crash problems or relative problems involving Windows 10 and Lv 85+ Quest Bugs. Any issues related to those mentioned above should be created in this area. FPS Issues Windows 10 Lv 85+ Quest Bugs This topic is intended to leave all possible solutions to fix the FPS problem in your Windows 10. Maybe some solutions will help if you have a problem in Windows 8.1, 8 and 7. Keep your Windows 10 always updated, this may be one of the reasons why your FPS is not Full, at the moment the latest update of Windows 10 is the 1809. To find out if you have any pending updates go to the settings >> Windows Update. Restart your machine, and as soon as it turns on First Run the Grand Chase History, that can solve your problem with FPS Fall. If you have a Computer with basic requirements, when opening Grand Chase History close the other programs, such as browsers. Google Chrome consumes a lot this can end up hampering performance in the game. Test all available Dlls in the Launcher, go testing one by one until you find one that leaves your FPS high, remembering that some may cause White / Black Screen. Just change the Dll that the error will disappear. Download and Install DirectX 9, after doing so restart your machine, access the game and see if your FPS has improved. Do the procedure below: Press Windows Key + R and type msconfig On the first (General) tab, select Selective Startup and uncheck the Load Startup Items option and apply. On the third tab (Services), select Hide All Microsoft Services and uncheck what is unnecessary for you. Restart your computer and try opening the game again. Currently these are the solutions that can help you solve the problem with FPS, whenever there are new solutions will be added here. On the Quest Thread: Issues with level 85 to 90 quests must be reported only in this specific forum. Donations Area: This part of the Forum is divided in Doubts and Tech Problems. Doubts would be anything from what is the price range of the bundles, form of payments, how quick does fall into the account, what happens in chargebacks, ETCs. FAQ: The currency is in BRL how do we convert? Answer: Paypal automatically converts it for you and you’ll be aware of what you get throughout the transaction. Tech Problems would be anything from pending delays, cash did not show up in the account, or bonuses were not added. FAQ: I bought cash a few hours ago and it’s still not in my account? Answer: Most of these situations you have to keep an eye on the “Pending” section of the transaction. Some cards are deducted faster than others and some paypals respond faster than others. In case it takes too long a GM/Sup/Adms will assist you and help you. Email Change Request Area: For Email Change to another Email follow this template. This area is mainly for people who have trouble recovering their lost account, changing password, or changing email information. FAQ: It wont let me get my password recovery when I use my Login info. Answer: Try recovering your password using your email address. "I don’t remember my email address" Provide in your topic your Login or IGN so the Mods can forward them to the GMs/Supervisors/ADMs. If we provide you with the Email that is linked with your account it will be displayed like this for privacy purposes: EX: playergrandch*******@gmail.com If you cannot remember the email that we displayed... we can not provide any hints or agree/disagree if you start guessing which one it can be. ~Thank You~
  2. Hello, so i went digging for this case and i have discovered that this bug has been reported by a few players. We will provide a hot fix as soon as possible. Sorry for the Inconvenience ! When we fix it we will post it on discord ! Thank you and have fun with the new update mate.
  3. Helloooo! i would ask for you to exit the game and re-enter in order to make sure that your launcher had downloaded all the given files from this update. In case it continues please let me know ! Thank you mate.
  4. Ah thank you for providing information about it ! That bug has been occurring since the original GC. We didn't know it was still occurring here. Thank you! We're going to Fix it as soon as we can
  5. Hey mate, I just tried this thread of combos and it worked perfectly fine. I know that Bamboo Shallow has a bigger delay time than the rest that often gets "Stuck". If i it still remains is there any way you can screen record it?IF the problem remains. Thank you mate. Enjoy the rest of your day
  6. Hey mate, Thank you for reporting this bug to us. We've been told about this bug and we'll provide a hotfix in the next update/maint. ^_^ Thank you.
  7. Hello, Thank you for reporting this bug. We’ll fix it as soon as possible and provide a quick hotfix. We’ll display any other information in our Discord Thank you.
  8. Hurry

    "We stop at the dry cleaners and the grocery store   
    and the gas station and the green market and   
    Hurry up honey, I say, hurry,   
    as she runs along two or three steps behind me   
    her blue jacket unzipped and her socks rolled down.   

    Where do I want her to hurry to? To her grave?   
    To mine? Where one day she might stand all grown?   

    Today, when all the errands are finally done, I say to her,   
    Honey I’m sorry I keep saying Hurry—   
    you walk ahead of me. You be the mother.   

    And, Hurry up, she says, over her shoulder, looking    
    back at me, laughing. Hurry up now darling, she says,   
    hurry, hurry, taking the house keys from my hands."

    - Marie Howe


  9. Remind yourself that it's okay to not be perfect. :gc17:

  10. EN: I would like to thank everyone who participated in this Event, if you did not win this time do not give up ! I'm looking forward into seeing you guys participating in future Events ! ! ! "Claiming that everyone can win something and everyone can earn absolutely nothing, that's the focus of the event, Luck." Prize List: 60 Epic Essence Mystic Lamp (7 Days) 10 Victory Coin +17 Reinforcement Scroll (1) Surprise Necklace Box (1) [Guarantee +9] 10 Hero's Bullion Coins Winners 60 Epic Essence: Players: ~ Nickname: iRyosuke Leaf #: 2 ~ Nickname: ShArUtO Leaf #: 20 Mystic Lamp (7 days) Player: ~ Nickname: Stark1998 Leaf #: 5 ~ Nickname: ScarletEnvy Leaf #: 11 ~ Nickname: ZhangXuan. Leaf #: 13 10 Victory Coin Players: ~ Nickname: AwyLeo Leaf #: 14 ~ Nickname: zKami, Leaf #: 21 +17 Reinforcement Scroll (1) Player: Nickname: HenryMills Leaf #: 3 Nickname: virorcrdr Leaf #: 6 Surprise Necklace Box (1) [Guarantee +9) Players: ~ Nickname: yAnjos Leaf #: 4 ~ Nickname: Sueoka Leaf #: 7 10 Hero's Bullion Coins Players: ~ Nickname: Tsudaz Leaf #: 8 ~ Nickname: Leuroy Leaf #: 15 Notes All those who did not follow the rules of the event had their posts disqualified, if you have any questions or concerns create a topic in Questions or Concerns that I will explain the reason. If you want to see the event topic, just come here: Earth Day Event / Dia da Terra (04/22/2019) Prizes will fall into their respective accounts within 48 hours or more depending on our demand for content to be delivered to our community or in case of maintenance. I ask those who won to please be patient that the GM's will deliver the item ASAP. Thank you ! Congratulations to the winners, see you soon with a new event! And See you guys next time ! PT: Eu gostaria de agradecer a todos que participaram neste evento, se você não ganhou desta vez não desista! Estou ansioso para ver vocês participando em mais eventos no futuros ! ! ! “Afirmando que todos podem ganhar alguma coisa e todos podem ganhar absolutamente nada além de informações, esse é o foco do evento. Sorte.” Lista Dos Prêmios: 60x Essência Épica Lampada Mistica (7 Dias) 10 Moeda da Vitória Pergaminho de Fortificação +17 (1x) Baú de Colares Surpresa (1x) 10x Moeda Épica Vencedores 60 Essência Épica Players: ~ Nickname: iRyosuke Leaf #: 2 ~ Nickname: ShArUtO Leaf #: 2- Lampada Mistica (7 Dias) Player: ~ Nickname: Stark1998 Leaf #: 5 ~ Nickname: ScarletEnvy Leaf #: 11 ~ Nickname: ZhangXuan. Leaf #: 13 10 Moeda da Vitória Players: ~ Nickname: AwyLeo Leaf #: 14 ~ Nickname: zKami, Leaf #: 21 Pergaminho de Fortificação +17 (1x) Player: Nickname: HenryMills Leaf #: 3 Nickname: virorcrdr Leaf #: 6 Baú de Colares Surpresa (1x) Players: ~ Nickname: yAnjos Leaf #: 4 ~ Nickname: Sueoka Leaf #: 7 10x Moeda Épica Players: ~ Nickname: Tsudaz Leaf #: 8 ~ Nickname: Leuroy Leaf #: 15 Notas Todos aqueles que não seguiram as regras do evento tiveram seus posts desclassificados, caso tenha alguma dúvida crie um tópico em Perguntas Ou Duvidas / Questions or Concerns que eu explicarei o motivo. Caso queiram ver o tópico do evento, basta vir aqui Earth Day Event / Dia da Terra (04/22/2019) As premiações cairão em suas respectivas contas em até 48hs ou menos dependendo da nossa demanda de conteúdo à ser entregue para a nossa comunidade ou devido Att. Peço que tenham paciência e aguardem pacientemente. Parabéns aos vencedores, nos vemos em breve com um novo evento!
  11. EN - IN Greetings Chasers, today is April 22nd which is also known as Earth Day ! "Are you the one who is destroying the forest..?" - Ryan During our chase we can conclude that the environment is where we all meet; where all have a mutual interest; it is the one thing all of us share. So today we show our token of appreciation towards Mother Nature by helping Ryan bring life back to the Earth. So which leaf are you willing to resurrect ? Pick wisely because Ryan misses his Forest. “Only the strong can protect the forest..”- Ryan What is Earth Day ? On a more serious note, Earth Day is the day we celebrate nature’s gifts to our planet, millions of species that we know and love, and many more that remain to be discovered. Unfortunately, us human beings have been repeatedly upsetting the balance of nature, with that being said as a result, the world is facing the greatest rate of extinction since we lost the dinosaurs more than 60 million years ago. But unlike the fate of the dinosaurs, the rapid extinction of species in our world today is the result of human activity. Ways to help: Protect The Earth Instructions Please pick ONE leaf out of 22 and test your luck, and don’t forget everyone might win something, but others will simply shine light into the situation.Claiming that some can win something and some can earn absolutely nothing, that's the focus of the event, Luck. There will be only 1 winner per leaf, whoever choose it first wins, NO repeats and NO Editing. When all the leaves are selected, I will close the Event and distribute the prizes to the winners. “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”- George Bernard Shaw Register your lucky # as described below: Example: Prize List: Honorable Mentions @Yil For creating and setting up this Event @Achaos for editing the PT section. @KUNNY for his wonderful Ryan drawings @Steam for approving and helping to build the event. BR - PT Olá Chasers, hoje é 22 de abril, que também é conhecido como Dia da Terra! “Então era você que estava destruindo a floresta?” - Ryan Durante a nossa caçada, podemos concluir que o ambiente é onde todos nos encontramos; onde todos têm um interesse mútuo; é a única coisa que todos compartilhamos. Então hoje nós mostramos nosso reconhecimento pela Mãe da Natureza por ajudando o Ryan a trazer vida de volta à Terra. Então qual folha você está querendo ressuscitar? Escolha cuidadosamente porque Ryan sente falta de sua floresta. “Só os fortes podem proteger a floresta ..” - Ryan O que é o Dia da Terra? Em um assunto mais sério, o Dia da Terra é o dia em que celebramos os dons da natureza em nosso planeta, milhões de espécies que conhecemos e amamos e muito mais que ainda precisam ser descobertas. Infelizmente, nós seres humanos temos repetidamente perturbado o equilíbrio da natureza, com o que foi dito como resultado, o mundo está enfrentando a maior taxa de extinção desde que perdemos os dinossauros há mais de 60 milhões de anos. Mas ao contrário do destino dos dinossauros, a rápida extinção de espécies em nosso mundo hoje é o resultado da atividade humana. Formas de ajudar: Proteja a Terra Instruções Escolha uma folha entre as 22 e teste a sua sorte e não se esqueça de que alguns podem ganhar alguma coisa, mas outros simplesmente vai trazer conhecimento para a situação. Afirmando que todos podem ganhar alguma coisa e todos podem ganhar absolutamente nada além de informações, esse é o foco do evento, Boa Sorte. Haverá apenas 1 vencedor por folha, quem escolher primeiro ganha! Folhas repetidas e posts editados serão desconsiderados Quando todas as folhas forem selecionadas, o evento será ENCERRADO e os prêmios para os vencedores serão distribuídos. “O progresso é impossível sem mudança; e aqueles que não conseguem mudar as suas mentes não conseguem mudar nada.” - George Bernard Shaw Registre sua sorte # como descrito abaixo: Exemplo: Lista de Prêmios: Menções Honrosas @Yil por criar e construir o Evento @Achaos por editar a parte PT do Evento @KUNNY por criar a arte do Ryan @Steam por aprovar e ajudar a construir o Evento.
  12. :gc17:

    May your

    Easter Basket be as full of

    Joy, Happiness & Peace.

    Today and Always

    :gc32:Happy Easter :gc32:


    1. Takara


      Grande dia  👍

  13. Yil

    Sometimes we should express our gratitude for the small and simple things

    like the scent of the rain, the taste of your favorite food, or the sound of a loved one's voice.

    :gc32:Thanks for always helping me when I need it.:gc32:

    1. AChaos


      For you, I do everything! #35

    2. Levi
    3. Takara
  14. Today's Quote:

    We don't grow when things are easy,

    We grow when we face challenges.



    Nós não crescemos quando as coisas são fáceis

    Nós crescemos quando enfrentamos desafios.

  15. AChaos


    1. Levi


      Coragem, deixa meu homem.

    2. AChaos


      Coragem, deixa meu homem.

    3. Yil




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