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  1. I’ve submitted the key into your account. It could take some time to appear in your inventory. Please come back when ever you’ve received it. Thank you
  2. Hey mate, Can I please have your IGN in order to add a key ?
  3. WARNING: THIS TOPIC IS EXTENSIVE! READ CAREFULLY TO INFORM ABOUT THE DATE OF CONTENT ENTRY! Greetings Chasers, Four years ago we began a journey with the goal of maintaining such a beloved game for all of us to this day. You've quickly became important warriors of this journey and gave us the support and strength to continue the History with all the love and dedication that such a remarkable game deserves. We are eternally grateful to each of you who follow us with love and acknowledge our efforts to continue our journey in Ernas. Thank you so much for your love and support! Now we are in party mode and let's head into full enjoyment! We even made a very cute theme to celebrate here in the forum, are you ready? But wait, it looks like a horde of monsters are invading Ernas and trying to destroy our party! Our team had so much work to prepare this party ... It can't end like this! Can you help us? Welcome to the September Update Notes! Due to the massive content, the update will be divided into three parts, which will add to the current content on the 13th, 20th and 27th of this month, while the event missions will be rotated, but you can see the full content of this month here in this topic! Starting October 7th, ALL event missions will be released until the next update! Mission-Event: Angry Boss (Eclipse) Part 1 Eclipse returns to the server as the Grand Chase goes through several obstacles to prove its worth and effort. Get your friends together to fight all the bosses and get lots of rewards for their hard work! Available Drops: Hero's Bullion Epic and Ancient Essence Duel Jr. and Berkas Jr. GP Prop Reset Form GP Random Prop Reset Form Bag (+60) Seal Breaker (1 unit) Random Necklace Box Grade Refinery Scroll (+10 To +17) Special Reinforcement Release Scroll Iron Dragon Scales Random Ancient Wings Box Concentrated Magic Crystal Random Eternal Guardian Box Upgraded Pet Attack for Dark Disciple and Duel Jr. Mission-Event: Nightmare Circus (Part 1) Ernas's most chilling adventure returns to History. Come along with the Grand Chase warriors to experience and explore this terrifying adventure and earn the rewards of the Nightmare Circus! Available Drops: Card Box (All Continents) Circus Armor Box (Level 30, 50 and 70) Circus Accessories Box (Level 30, 50 and 70) Precious Box Circus Armor Coupon Circus Accessories Coupon Grade Refinery Scroll (+7 to +15) GP Random Prop Reset Form Transparent Accessories Box (7 Days) Premium Transmutation Scroll Socket Gems Mission-Event: Talin's Return (Part 1) Get ready to fly in a special ships again in Talin's Return! This Mission Event is back temporarily, with its unique challenges and awards! Are you ready? As a reward, when defeating Talin or being defeated, you will be rewarded with the TYPE-1 item that can be used in the Forge for other rewards. Additionally, you may earn some of the following rewards by defeating Talin: Available Drops: Refinery Scroll Special Refinery Scroll Refinery Protection Scroll Reinforcement Release Scroll Premium Reinforcement Release Scroll Transmutation Scroll Premium Transmutation Scroll Socket Gems Exclusive Mission-Event: The Extermination of Uria (Part 2) After a long time, Uno and Glimmers of Uria return to the world of Grand Chase with a great longing for blood ready to take revenge on those who underestimated them. They will use all their evil powers of destruction to wreak havoc on Uria. Check below the tables of possible rewards and their respective difficulties: Quest Completion Rewards: Item Probabilidade Ancient Coin (8 uni) High Hero's Bullion (8 uni) High Blood Drops (1 to 2 uni) High Uria Spoiler Chest (1 to 2 uni) High Goddesses Rings Low Eternal Guardian Box (1 uni) Low GP Prop Reset Form (1 uni) Low Premium Transmutation Scroll (1 uni) Low Forge: Items Materials Arquemeece's Reinforcement Release Scroll 2 Blood Drops + 10.000 GP Arquemeece's Refinery Protection Scroll 4 Blood Drops + 200.000 GP Arquemeece's New Gold Reinforcement Box 10 Blood Drops + 500.000 GP Epic Stone Box 10 Blood Drops + 500.000 GP Grade +17 Refinery Scroll 20 Blood Drops + 500.000 GP Bloodborn Crest 30 Blood Drops + 15 Hero Bullions Guardian Warrior's Accessories 20 Blood Drops + 40.000 GP Eternal Guardian's Set and Accessories Box 64 Blood Drops + 1.000.000 GP Eternal Guardian's Weapon box 96 Blood Drops + 1.000.000 GP Ring Creation: Level 2 Ring Level 1 + 50 Blood Drops + 500.000 GP Level 3 Ring Level 2 + 100 Blood Drops + 1.000.000 GP Ring's Status: Ernasis Ring Level 1 Lisnar Ring Level 1 Armenian Ring Level 1 Agnecia Ring Level 1 Attack: 300 Attack: 150 Attack: 150 Attack: 200 Defense: 150 Defense: 150 Defense: 300 Defense: 200 Vitality: 150 Vitality: 300 Vitality: 150 Vitality: 200 Minimal Level: 30 Minimal Level: 30 Minimal Level: 30 Minimal Level: 30 Ernasis Ring Level 2 Lisnar Ring Level 2 Armenian Ring Level 2 Agnecia Ring Level 2 Attack: 450 Attack: 200 Attack: 200 Attack: 300 Defense 200 Defense: 200 Defense: 450 Defense: 330 Vitality: 200 Vitality: 450 Vitality: 200 Vitality: 330 Minimal Level: 60 Minimal Level: 60 Minimal Level: 60 Minimal Level: 60 Ernasis Ring Level 3 Lisnar Ring Level 3 Armenian Ring Level 3 Agnécia Ring Level 3 Attack: 600 Attack: 350 Attack: 350 Attack: 420 Defense: 350 Defense: 350 Defense: 600 Defense: 420 Vitality: 350 Vitality: 600 Vitality: 350 Vitality: 420 Minimal Level: 80 Minimal Level: 80 Minimal Level: 80 Minimal Level: 80 Eternal Guardian's Set, Accessories and Weapons for Elesis and Sieghart. Mission-Event: Hungry Pets Revolt (Part 2) The Hungry Pet Revolt Event Mission is back on the server. The banquet prepared by the Queen of Serdin for our heroes, after so long in battle, is about to be stolen by the Kingdom mascots that Cat Zoro had set them out to do so. If the mascots succeed, our heroes return to battle with an empty stomach! Stop the mascots and their leader from stealing the food of our heroes, and earn a few coins. "Hmph! Just be warned! Whenever I hear the cries of a pet left to go hungry, I will appear! MEOW!" - Purrthos. Mission-Event: Monster Train 301 Express Hades (Part 2) Do you know the tragic story of Ronan and his friend Harpe? By saving Ronan and the rest of the Grand Chase from Astaroth's surprise attack, Harpe eventually sacrificed himself and his spirit ended up inside Hades Express 301, the ghostly train that collects the souls of the dead in Ernas and takes them to their eternal rest in Hades dimension. However, according to the enigmatic elf Grandiel, there is still hope of rescuing Harpe if the Grand Chase manages to retrieve her soul before the train reaches its destination. And now you have just received a new chance to complete this goal with the return of this dramatic Mission Event, which will once again be available for a limited time! To enable the secret boss, you must obtain Golden Pass # 301, which can be constructed using 5x Crew Accessories Chest Coupon and 5x Crew Uniform Chest Coupons. Check out the Hades Express Drops below: Available Drops: Card Box (All Continents) Reinforcement Stone Box Refinery Protection Scroll Premium Transmutation Scroll Large Pots (HP, MP, and Mystery) Casey Bones Pet Card Grade (+7 to +17) Refinery Scroll Precious Pearls (All Continents) Precious Box Reinforcement Release Scroll Choco's Bar Socket Gem Crew Chest Uniform Coupon Crew Chest Accessories Coupon Crew Chest Uniform (Level 30, 50, and 70) Crew Chest Accessories (Level 30, 50, and 70) Mission-Event: Secret Labyrinth (Part 3) The Grand Chase is looking for the Extinction Tower to face one of its biggest villains: Kaze'Aze. After a long journey, our warriors were able to gather various clues and make a map with the route to Kaze'Aze. It turns out that our warriors were unaware that Kaze'Aze had been prepared for this possible visit for a long time. Directly from his castle, Kazakh sets up a plan to disrupt our warriors along with Gadosen, his faithful companion and King of Hell. During the days when they spied on our warriors, Kaze'Aze and Gardosen saw a poor boy who held a great grudge against the Grand Chase after being rejected by the elf Lire. Gardosen, at the behest of Kaze'Aze, meets this boy and offers him immense power if he agrees to become loyal to him and to Kaze'Aze and to join them in defeating the Grand Chase. This mysterious boy, thirsting for power to carry out his revenge after his love disappointment, adopts the code name Nerd and joins them both to stop the Grand Chase from reaching the Tower of Extinction, disrupting the path of our warriors and making them take. wrong routes and waste time. Help our warriors find the right way to the Tower of Extinction! The Secret Labyrinth is an exclusive Event Mission from our server, where you can experience the Grand Chase's crawl to the Extinction Tower in the skin of our heroes. The mission is balanced, so everyone has a chance to participate regardless of their status and do a good team work to win useful prizes for everyone! Below you can see the possible dropped items in the mission: Available Drops: Hero's Bullion Coordi Bag +10 Bag +30 Epic and Ancient Essence Socket Gem 2x Crystal Card Dust Deusa do Amor (Freyja's Dust) Concentrated Magic Crystal Random Eternal Guardian Box Random Card (All Continents) Fusion Coupon Continents Pearls Refinery Protection Scroll Grade +10 to +17 Refinery Scroll Premium Transmutation Scroll GP Random Prop Reset Form Prop Reset Form CASH Gacha Pon Coin (GP) Seal Breaker Scroll Ancient Wings Box Random Necklace Box 1 Mil GP Coupon Champion Mode Ticket Kaze'Aze Map Pieces 1 to 4 Siege of Heroes After so long, GdV mode is back to rock the PvP server! The objective of this mode is to be the first to destroy the opponent's Towers and Control Unit. Two teams will be separated on the map, Serdin on the left and Kanavan on the right. Both will start in a safe area of their respective regions where they can heal quickly during battle. A store will be located in the safe area of your team, offering a variety of items to help you. The mode is balanced. By playing this mode, you will be able to earn the following titles according to your number of points accumulated: Bronze Insignia Silver Insignia Gold Insignia Master Insignia Grand Master Insignia Attack: 165 Attack: 165 Attack: 165 Attack: 165 Attack: 165 Defense: 250 Defense: 250 Defense: 250 Defense: 250 Defense: 250 Vitality: 250 Vitality: 250 Vitality: 250 Vitality: 250 Vitality: 250 Vitality: +20% Vitality: +20% Vitality: +20% Vitality: +20% Attack: +15% DMG: +15% DMG: +15% Crit: +1.5% Crit: +1.5% Counter MP Reduction Status may vary and increase according to character level. Mission-Event: Moonlight Village (Part 3) The Grand Chase heroes were hungry and were drawn to a festival full of delicious food in a village where they will have to unravel some secrets and escape from Gumiho, the soul-eater. The mission has three different routes leading to the boss, two of them leading to the common boss and one leading to the secret boss. The path leading to the secret boss is on a hidden route in phase three that can only be accessed in Hard or Infernal Modes and requires the protection of Jeremiah Toad to face it. In addition, you may use Fox Jewel Shard, Celestial Energy, and Light Pearl items in the Build system. This will allow you to create several themed items! Check out the drops that can be obtained in the mission: Available Drops: Rainbow Pouch Card Box (All Continents) HP Pots (Large) Moonlight Village Ring Box Moonlight Village Earring Box Moonlight Village Mask Moonlight Pearl Luminous Pearl Fox Jewel Fragment Celestial Energy [Card] Goblin Ciclope [Card] Haetae [Card] Vendedor Maníaco [Card] Tigre Comerciante [Card] Caixa Amaldiçoada [Card] Lothus, a dona do Hotel [Card] Lothus Jr. [Card] Gumilho GP Random Prop Reset Form Mission-Event: King Slime's Land (Part 3) Yes, he is back, the not-so-fearsome King Slime is back to judge Ernas and you have been commissioned by General Lothos to once again put an end to this Slime's madness. As a reward, if you succeed or fail the King Slime Trial, you will receive King Slime Pieces that can be redeemed for Rewards in the Forge. In addition it is possible to obtain other rewards by succeeding and preventing Judgment: Available Drops: Hero's Bullion [Card]Juíz [Card]Guardião [Card]Mensageiro [Card]Rei Gosma Juís [Card]Rei Gosma Guardião [Card]Rei Gosma Mensageiro Refinery Scroll Premium Refinery Scroll Refinery Protection Scroll Premium Refinery Protection Scroll King Slime's Card Box Grade +15 Refinery Scroll Mission-Event: Astaroth's Crazy Empire (Part 3) Astaroth's Crazy Empire has the same structure as the Astaroth Empire mission, except here Astaroth will appear only in its first form. There are no level restrictions, meaning that the difficulty of the mission will be balanced automatically and will depend on the level of the participants! Below you will be able to see the possible drops to get from the mission: Available Drops: Epic Essence Ancient Essence Archimedia's Pearl Orb Archimedia's Card Box Hero's Bullion HP And MP Pots (Super) Nutrients (1 Day) Vitamins Gacha Pon Coins (GP) Fusion Coupon Total HP Recovery Pot Hero Pots Club GC (1 Day) Single Property Scroll [Card] Astaroth (Epic) [Card Astaroth (Legend) [Card] Astaroth Demoníal Awarded Donations (Part 1 -3) In celebration of our 4th anniversary, we will be making an Awarded Donation for you to get the most out of all the items available in this special month! In addition to Bonus Cash, which is already active on CASH purchases, you will receive a bonus on items on your first purchase of each amount this month! Check below which awards will be redeemed according to the donated amount: R$10 (480 CASH + 195 bonus) Fusion Coupon (10 Units) 1 Mil GP Coupon (3 Units) R$20 (1.200 CASH + 480 bonus) 2x Crystal Card (2 Units) SP All Reset Card (1 Unit) 1 Mil GP Coupon (5 Units) R$30 (2.040 CASH + 820 bonus) Surprise Necklace Box (5 Units) Ancient Wings Box (5 Units) 1 Mil GP Coupon (10 Units) R$40 (2.880 CASH + 1.155 bonus) Epic Reinforcement Box (5 Units) Random Pet Box B (3 Units) Queens Jewel (5 Days) Mystic Lamp (5 Days) R$50 (3.840 CASH + 1.540 bonus) Seal Breaker Scroll (30 Units) Random Pet Box A (3 Units) Queens Jewel (10 Days) Mystic Lamp (10 Days) Shiny Angelic Accessories Kit R$100 (9.000 CASH + 3.600 bonus) Queens Jewel (20 Days) Mystic Lamp (20 Days) Seal Breaker Scroll (50 Units) SB Gacha Fortune Tickets (30 Units) Task Force Set Kit VIP History Sign [SKIN]Volcanic Serpion PLEASE NOTE: Rewards can only be redeemed once per tier! Volcanic Skin Serpion. You must have the Serpion Pet to use it. VIP (Part 1 -3) This month's VIP System has come as a whim for you to take full advantage of this entire month's content and make it count! Zenith is a point of reference for sky observation, a concept used in the natural sciences, especially astronomy. It is defined as the point just above a specific place, that is, from a point on a horizontal surface an imaginary line is drawn perpendicular to the plane, the point above the sphere is the Zenith. There is another meaning for the word Zenith, which derives from an Arabic expression meaning "direction of head" or "path above head." It can also be used to define the highest point in the sky where a celestial object passes its apparent path. It is with this interesting context that we present to you the Visual Zenith Pack! Zenith Visual for Ronan and Lire Below you can check this month's VIP reward table: 1.000 a 3.999 Mission Event Ticket (15 Units) Hero's Bullion (30 Units) Texugo's Coin (10 Units) Gacha Pon Coin (CASH) (10 Units) Zanith Visual Set Box (1 Unit) 4.000 a 7.999 Club GC Premium (15 Days) GP Random Prop Reset From (3 Units) Coordi Fusion Scroll Gacha Pon's Coin (CASH) (15 Units) Zenith's Visual Set Box (1 Unit) 8.000 a 10.999 +10 Warehouse Safe Voucher (1 Unit) +1 Warehouse Box (1 Unit) Grade +17 Refinery Scroll (3 Units) Fallen Angel Wings (Visual) Zenith's Visual Set Box (2 Units) 11.000 a 15.999 Seal Breaker Scroll (100 Units) SB Gacha Fortune Ticket (100 Units) Single Property Scroll (3 Units) [SKIN]Volcanic Sia Zenith's Visual Set Box (2 Units) 16.000 or More [Card] Gadosen Corrompido (3 Units) [Card] Cazeaje Forma Humana (3 Units) Arquemeece Release Scroll (5 Units) GP Prop Reset Form (6 Units) Zenith Visual Set Box (14 Units) Skin Sirius Volcanic. You must have the Sirius Pet to use it. Equipping the legendary status accessory of the Zenith pack will release a special room pose for your character! You can also use the pose with other equipment by simply keeping the special accessory equipped. WARNING: TRANSFORMING THE ACCESSORY WITH ANOTHER VISUAL WILL CAUSE THE EFFECT TO DISAPPEARS, SO PLEASE BE CAREFUL! Lucky Gacha Fortune After that Zenith class, have you heard of Nadir? Nadir is considered the opposite of Zenith, that is, the heavenly reference point that opposes Zenith. As Zenith is regarded as the highest region above the celestial sky watcher's head, Nadir consists of the lowest point below the feet of the same watcher. In this way, we present to you the look and feel of the VIP system: the Nadir Visual Pack! By equipping the Nadir package's legendary status accessory you will unleash a special room pose for your character! You can also use the pose with other equipment by simply keeping the special accessory equipped. WARNING: TRANSFORMING THE ACCESSORY WITH ANOTHER VISUAL WILL CAUSE THE EFFECT TO DISAPPEARS, SO PLEASE BE CAREFUL! Gacha Pon (Part 1-3) This month's Gacha Pon is packed with items for you! Items that have been very well approved by the community in past upgrades return to the fully patched and up-to-date CASH Capsules, plus a whole bunch of new looks for you to battle the monster invasion of Ernas in a stylish way! Check below the visuals that will slowly enter the system! PART 1 Isolet and Lothos Visual Package for Edel. Available to all girls. Bester and Elscud Visual Package. Available to all boys. PART 2 Kaze'Aze Human Form Visual Pack for Rey. Available for all girls. Duel Visual Package for Lupus. Available to all boys. Iblis Visual Pack for Amy. Available to all girls. Vairne Visual Package for Veigas. Available to all boys. PART 3 Mage Elena's Visual Package for Edel and Lupus. Grandiel Visual Package for Holy. Available to all characters. In addition, GP Capsules will receive directly in Part 1: Queens Jewel (1 Day) Mystic Lamp (1 Day) Gacha Pon Coin (1 Unit) New Club GC (1 Day) GC Hunt (Part 3) For the first time on our server, a very beloved community event will be active: the GC Hunt! To participate, you must visit all regions of Ernas and earn different prizes by defeating the mission bosses in Heroic Mode. For each defeated boss, you add a prize to your collection, which can be checked in the special event window opened through the Events tab of the menu. Prizes are counted directly in the event window, so you cannot find them in the character inventory. In this edition of the event, by completing ALL collections from ALL regions you will be able to obtain the exclusive Caxias Grandiel Jr. mascot for maximum reward and a special attack called Arcane Ray. By completing a continent's prize collection, you'll receive loads of this new attack. Loads vary by continent completed: Bermeshia: 20 Charges Silver Land: 30 Charges Ellia: 40 Charges Xenia: 50 Charges Archimedia: 100 Charges Aton: 100 Charges Gift Store (Part 2) The Gift Shop will receive miscellaneous items to help mainly new or returning players! Gather your Golden Rebellion Coins and your friends and exchange rewards! Rissa Pet Card Bakunawa Pet Card Character Slot 250 250 300 Ring Of Beefiness (3 Days) Mystic Lamp (3 Days) Grand Chase Necklace (1 Day) 80 150 50 Nickname Change Random Necklace Box Random Wings Box 300 250 250 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Fusion Coupon. Mission Event Ticket Pet Box B Pet Box A Zoro Anklet Box Grade +17 Scroll GP Reset Form Scroll Daily Stamp (Part 1-3) The Daily Seal comes in celebration mood for you to enjoy the server's birthday and enjoy the events! Check out the awards for the 15 days of Daily Seal: DIA 1 DIA 2 DIA 3 DIA 4 DIA 5 4th Year Anniversary Pet Box (1 Unit) Texugo's Coin (5 Unitsi) Queen's Jewel (3 Days) Mission Event Ticket (5 Units) DIA 6 DIA 7 DIA 8 DIA 9 DIA 10 2x Crystal Card (1 Unit) Character Slots (1 Unit) SB Fortune Gacha TIcket (5 Units) Mystic Lamp (3 Days) Mission Event TIcket (5 Units) DIA 11 DIA 12 DIA 13 DIA 14 DIA 15 Blacksmith's Protection (3 Days) Pet Box (1 Unit) Gacha Pon Coin (CASH) (5 Units) Premium GC Club (3 Days) GCH's Flag Rocco's Spin to Win (Part 1-3) Rocco's Tornado Spin has had some up-to-date awards but has kept much of the classic that everyone likes! Each Rocco's Coin allows you to play one round of Rocco's Spin Off. Just click the "Rotate" button and the Badger activates his tornado and rotates the board item slots. You can wait for the slots to stop spinning on their own or you can click the "Stop" button to try to stop them at the right time. When they stop, you will be awarded according to the images that appear. Taking 3 images of the same item, you will receive the item from the image as a prize, but if the images are different, you will receive only one Remover. Also, upon failure, you will receive 1 Luck Point. When you complete 7 Lucky Points by taking different images seven times on the board, Rocco activates Lucky 7! The slots will then turn golden and it will be impossible not to take 3 identical images in the next round of Rocco's Tornado Spin! Below you can check out the items available in Badger Tornado: [SKIN]Knight Master [SKIN]Dust Bustin' Maddy New GC Club (1 Day) 2x Crystal Card (1 unit) Rank Reset Card (1 unit) Second Gear Ring (5 units) Natal Ring (5 units) Bonus Recharge (2 uni) GP Random Prop Reset (1 unit Epic Box Reinforcement (1 uni) SP Reset Card (1 unit) HP Potion (X) (5 units) MP Potion (X) (5 uni) Season V Pots (2 units) Mission Event Ticket (1 unit) Champion Mode Ticket (1 unit) Epic Essence (1 unit) Ancient Essence (1 unit) 1 Mil GP Coupon (1 unit) Socket Gem (1 unit) Skin Battle Commander for Lothos Jr. You must have the Lothos Jr Pet to use it. Skin Dust Bustin' Maddy for Madeleine. You must have the Madeleine pet to use it. Super Seal Breaker System Pack (Part 1-3) In celebration of our four years, we are activating ALL Reward Systems available on our server! Check out the available Reward Systems below: All of the Seal Breaker's Packages: PART 1 EQUIP VISUAL Raven Ordo Squa Annie And Bonnie Leona Sellion Serpion Aslan Winky Cordelia Princeon Havoc Nerissa Claudia Helper Bot PART 2 EQUIP VISUAL Dokaebi King Sleuthhound Sirius Sia Rencia Archangel Dark Nightmare! Aero Kitty Ariel Chester Killian Knyte Bluebell DK-MARK3 Clara PART 3 EQUIP VISUAL Sleuthound Keter Sia Abingdon Archangel Rui Aero Kitty Rexion Chester Raven Bluebell Annie And Momo Clara Sellion Aslan Cordelia Havoc Claudia K-CHING (Part 1-3) Prepare your CASH and VP savings and come take a look at our store here in History! A wave of packs for all the characters and some of the community's favorite accessories return to the store for a limited time! Various Sets Variety Unicorn Necklace 400 CASH Unicaorn Anklet 400 CASH Black Dragon Necklace (Blue) 460 CASH Black Dragon Necklace (Red) 400 CASH Libra's Anklet 350 CASH Ellia's Accessories (Normal) 1800 CASH Ellia's Accessories (Dark) 1800 CASH The Wanderer RIng 1800 CASH GC StarS3 1800 CASH Items List Posted Below for a Limited Time Offer: Elite Knight and Punisher Visual Packs and Battle Swordsman. Guardian and Nova Elite Visual Packs. Elite Archimage and Battle Mage Visual Pack. Elite Arcane Visual Pack. Edna Visual Pack. Visual Package of Divine Justice. Hero Store (Part 1-3) We know you have a lot of Heroic Coins gathering dust and cobwebs in your inventories. It's time for you to get on the wave of this monster attack and dress up! PART 1 Periett Visual Package. Available to all characters. Samsara Visual Package for Zero. Available to all characters. PART 2 Nemophila Visual Pack for Rey. Available for all girls. Schumacher Visual Package for Sieghart. Available to all boys. PARE 3 Gaicoz and Dark Gorgos Visual Pack. Available to all characters. Skins Gorgon, Gaicoz and Gon of Darkness. You must have these pets to use them. Forge (Part 1-3) The forge system is also going though some changes, getting into a birthday mood with many items for you to celebrate with us! Plus, we've brought you a bunch of monstrous items for you to use with your Epic and Ancient Essences, as well as you rightfully earned Victory Coins! By the way, did you know that the 7th of this month was Brazil Independence Day? Enjoy showing affection to their dear country with the Independence Package! B-Day Helm (Visual) B-Day Wings (Visual) B-Day Mask (Visual) B-Day Shield (Visual) B-Day Earrings GCH B-Day Shirt GCH B-Day Skirt 4th Anniversary Sign Kaze'Aze Ball GC Warlord Sign Independence Day's Package (Visual) Odyssey Package's (Visual) Araneae's Package (Visual) Shubalu's Package (Visual) Vanessa's Package (Visual) Astaroth's Package (Visual) ZIG's Package (Visual) Wendy's Package (Visual) Gorgos' Package (Visual) Gaikoz's Package (Visual) Kamiki's Weapons (Visual) Gorgo's Weapons (Visual) [SKIN] Violet Pixie [SKIN] Icy Violet Kaze'Aze's Map Nerd's Accessories (Visual) Epic Box Reinforcement GP Prop Reset Form King of Labyrinth's Crest [Card]Nerd PLEASE NOTE: The title "Empress Heart" will be replaced by the title "King of the Labyrinth" and all players who had the old title will receive the new title in Part 3. The "Christmas Terror" mission will no longer return to the server as it has not received a good feedback from the community; therefore we don't intend to continue with their development. As such, the December themed mission event will become "The Judgment of Santamon" and will undergo revamping. PART 1 Independence Visual Package for Uno and Elesis Odysseus Visual Package. Available to all characters. Arachne Visual Package for Mari and Uno Shubalu Visual Package for Elesis and Ronan PART 2 Vanessa Visual Package for Ley and Zero. Astaroth Visual Package for Sieghart and Mari ZIG Visual Package. Available to all characters. PART 3 Wendy's Visual Package for Amy and Jin Gorgos and Gaicoz Visual Package. Available to all characters. Icy and Violet Pixie Skins. You must have the pets to use them. Birthday Celebration of the Month (Part 1-3) Called a Cursed Child due to the wrecks she caused in his village, Arme, always gentle and generous, was born with incredible and uncontrollable magical power. Even though she knew that she could not count on her parents, she received early support and much love from her teachers and guild arch-mage, thus becoming a serene and happy child. It was then that in the 1459s of the Age of Kingdoms, the Queen of Serdin, recognizing Arme's great effort to control her incredible powers, sent a letter to the Guild Arch-mage and the next morning, Arme left the guild and joined in. Elesis and Lire, assigned to pursue the Kingdom of War culprit, Kaze'Aze. Impossible not to be charmed by the determination and sweetness of our little wonder magician! Congratulations Arme Glenstid! Known as a Destroyer, Veigas Terr was a great nightmare for the 12 disciples, but with everything reversed thanks to false prophecy that caused the great battle to be stopped, he teamed up with the Grand Chase to destroy Kaze'Aze. Our great Destroyer, considered a young and true prodigy, chosen by the Creator himself to destroy other dimensions, this September, gets older along with his companions. Even with his age impossible to calculate by human parameters, he deserves our congratulations, doesn't he? Congratulations Veigas Terr! With a hate-filled past and a thirst for revenge, Uno had his entire clan wiped out by Astaroth. With no sense of memory, he was born out of a mystical pool of blood with no parents to take care of him. With the help of a girl named Reina, he found a place where he could feel welcome. Born out of a tragic result, he had an insatiable thirst for blood and lost control, destroying a place where he could feel part of a family. With a traumatic experience, he realized that he preferred to find help from those who could relate to him. It was then that he found the Grand Chase! This month, We will also celebrate the birthday of our dear Bloodthirsty. Congratulations Uno! To celebrate the month of our heroes, when playing with Arme, Veigas or Uno, you will receive a 2x EXP / GP bonus! This bonus is for the entire room as long as one of the players is using one of these heroes. Plus, you can celebrate using a Flag and / or Cushion from our two heroes! Both are available for creation in the Forge for 10 Epic Essences each! Miscellaneous Content (Part 1 to 3) Visual Content Update We updated the Venese and Elena Quest Dialog Card and also updated the model and texture of the monsters Venese, Elena and Astaroth Thematic Plaza Come to the Plaza to celebrate our 4th anniversary with us! Don't forget to make a beautiful print with your new looks! Changes in the Server: PvE and PvP Server will now be unified, remember to modify the configuration of the room! Fixed: Elite Arcane Visual Package model and texture correction; Elite Guardian Visual Package model and texture correction; Model and texture correction of Nova Elite Visual Package; Model and texture correction of the Archmage Elite Visual Package; Model and texture correction of the Battle Archimage Visual Package; Edna Visual Package model and texture correction; Model and texture correction of the Divine Justice Visual Package; Harpe Visual Package model and texture correction; Elscud Visual Package model and texture correction; Bester Visual Package model and texture correction; Model and texture correction of Lothos Visual Package; Isolet Visual Package model and texture correction; Corrected the texture of the Odysseus Helm for the characters Ryan, Ronan and Zero; (Avito) Venese Helmet model and texture correction for characters from Elesis to Sieghart and Dio; Model and texture correction of (Avito) Gaicoz's Helm for characters from Elesis to Sieghart; (Avito) Elmo ZIG model and texture correction for characters from Elesis to Sieghart; (Avito) Light Helmet model and texture correction for characters from Elesis to Amy; Pepe Visual Helmet model and texture correction for characters from Elesis to Sieghart. Honorable Mentions: We had a lot of hard work from most of our team on this update! This time people from various areas of our team worked side by side to make this update possible! Many of us have been working for months on the content you are seeing now! We would like to thank all of you who trust our work and accompany us to this day. If we got here it was thanks to your support and affection! Thank you! Be sure to thank our dear colleagues who worked hard on this update! @AChaos, @Vinisims, @Steam, @Levi, @Stemid, @Professor, @Teerr, @Yil, @ExCrimson, @HenryMills, @Takara, @Amari, @pkdor, @Hagoromo and members of our partnered team Grand Chase History Latino!
  4. Hey mate, There is a bug in her mission. I'll be sending you the mission manually. It should appear in your inventory to select or just add it automatically in your mission tab. Please be patient, it may be quick or it may take a few mins to drop it.
  5. ! Greetings Chasers ! Have you guys ever wondered how hard life is and why is it that whenever we're home on vacation, time goes by very fast? So, seems like every student out there think the same, while the enjoyment of their holiday sadly comes to an end ~ sad moment~. August is here and classes are back, but settle down, you may have a hard time at school and hate a particular class, but behind it all there is always a pleasant reward. Did you have a stressful day? Nothing is better than getting home, relaxing and turning that TV and watching those sappy TV shows. But don't worry if those sappy TV shows aren’t hitting the spot, don't worry about filling up the void, the Patch Notes Part 1 for August is here, so enjoy the wonders we've prepared for you! We've created an update that brings some of the community's favorite content for everyone to get a chance to get it again! Reminder that this update is only a small part and a warm-up / prepping / countdown for our much loved, important and special update our A N N I V E R S A R Y Check below what came in and what left: Moonlight Village The Grand Chase heroes were hungry and were drawn to a festival full of delicious food in a village where they will have to unravel some secrets and escape from Gumiho, the Soul-Eater. The Haunted Village requires a special ticket (Moonlight Pearls) to access the quest. To do so, simply play any Mission (excluding Trial Forest and Trial Tower). With doing so, you can get the items needed to build the Moonlight Pearl in the Creation system. You will need 1 Luminous Pearl and 3 Celestial Energies to create a moonlight pearl. Remember that if a player has no Pearl after completing the mission, they will be automatically removed from the room. The mission has three different routes leading to the boss, two of them leading to the common boss and one leading to the secret boss. The path leading to the secret boss is on a hidden route in phase three that can only be accessed in Hard or Infernal Modes and requires the protection of Jeremiah Toad to face it. In addition, you may use Fox Jewel Shard, Celestial Energy, and Luminous Pearl items in the Build system. This will allow you to create several themed items! Birthday Girl of the Month Fiery and of hardheaded genius, Elesis is the leader of the heroes of the Grand Chase. Born a warrior who prefers to act rather than spending her time talking and uses brute force to solve her problems. Trained from an early age in the art of war and descended from one of Bermesiah's greatest heroes, her remarkable talent ensured that she inherited, from her father, the rank of leader of the Kanavan's Red Knights. However, Elesis eventually stepped down to join the Grand Chase. In fact, the young lady uses her tough facade to hide her feelings and keep her past a secret, trying not to get attention while searching for her missing father. Elscud Siedghart's first daughter to restore Sieghart's family that has been in chaos for a reasonably long time. The first successor woman in the family. She tries to be strong on her own and tends to act like a man. What a story, no? Born a leader, who uses a sword, spear, grand sword and double swords (she is completely sensational, deserving of all that leadership) is our August birthday girl. Let's gather up all our strength and greetings to praise this wonderful heroine. Congratulations, Elesis To celebrate our warrior's birthday, a 2x EXP / GP bonus will be activated if an Elesis is in the room! This bonus will apply to everyone within the room. In addition, you will also be able to show your love for our dear leader by wearing a Flag and an Elesis Cushion! Both are available for creation in the Forge for 10 Epic Essences each! As usual, birthdays will have several class packages available at the store. However, it's time for our beloved warrior's best packs to come back for sale, and better: with a updated and corrected model and texture! Celebrate the Grand Chase leader's birthday with bravery and style with the look of the Elite Knight and Punisher! Our dear Swordsman has also received a new package to face Kaze'aze with her team! You can purchase the Battle Swordsman package at our Cash Store! Also be sure to check out Badger Tornado! This time counting on [Skin] Ruby Knights for Elesis Jr.! Daily Seals As we always think about you guys, we've prepared a daily seal for all levels from beginners to experts. This will help you during the seal period. It's 10 days for you to redeem incredible prizes that will help you on your journey around the world of Ernas! Reminder: To redeem the prizes you must log in to the game and redeem your prize in the Daily Seal tab. If the event is over, the redemption will no longer be possible. Be very careful! Mari's Laboratory of Danger ! All the research Mari conducts is done in her secret lab. This time, you'll have the opportunity to help her with one of her studies on Blitzchen pets! Here you can create the Shadow Blitzchen pets and the King Blitzchen pets. To use the lab, you will need to buy some Blitzchen Egg Cartons at the store for 15 CASH. Opening them will give you little colored Blitzchens (or, if you're lucky, Shadow Blitz, which is capable of retrieving AP and MP!), Which can be collected or saved for your collection. Even if you can't get the adult mascots through the lab, just accumulate 10 Card Pieces to create King Blitzchen and 20 Card Pieces for Shadow Blitzchen through the Construction System. Even if you can't get the adult mascots through the lab, just accumulate 10 Card Pieces to create King Blitzchen and 20 Card Pieces for Shadow Blitzchen through the Building System. White Angel Coordi Package for Ronan and Elesis Seal Breaker Rotation To further sweeten your back to school, we have prepared a fresh Super Reward System for you. The system had its roundabout in this update and is nostalgic! Gather your scrolls and your accounts and let the luck turn in your favor! Check below what went in for equipment and what went in Coordi. SleuthHound: Havoc: DK-MARK3: Keter: Princeon: Nerissa: Rocco's Tornado Each Rocco Coin allows you to play one round of Rocco's Tornado. Just click the "Rotate" button and the Rocco activates his tornado and rotates the board item slots. You can wait for the slots to stop spinning on their own or you can click the "Stop" button to try to stop them at the right time. When they stop, you will be awarded according to the images that appear. Taking 3 images of the same item, you will receive the image item as a prize, but if the images are different, you will only receive one Socket Gem. Also, upon failure, you will receive 1 Luck Point. When you complete 7 Lucky Points by taking different images seven times on the board, Rocco activates Lucky 7! The slots will then turn golden and it will be impossible not to take 3 identical images in the next round of Rocco's Tornado! Below you can check out the items available in Rocco's Tornado: Lucky Gacha Fortune Still following the news and packages, our Lucky Gatcha Fortune has also been updated! Do you think you're lucky enough to scrape and purchase the parts from the packages or even the box with the complete package? Show us and prove that your luck is not flawed. This month, one of the most favorite set of the community returns: The Red Dawn Coordi Pack! Red Dawn Coordi Pack for Elesis with and without accessories. Red Dawn Coordi Pack for Uno with and without accessories. Gacha Pon Ernian society was in trouble without the presence of its heroes to protect them, behold, something strange was happening but no one realized, one day there were rumors that ninjas that were everywhere causing a rebellion all over the map surrounding Ernas and making them distressed. Very afraid, the society went into total retreat mode, making it the town full of life ended up looking like a wild west. Fearing for the worst that was happening, the society became quite pessimistic and the fear only increased, as a tremendous prankster turned over everything. These were not evil ninjas, but their own costumed heroes of Naruto and Sakura to troll Ernas society. Damn, who will be the prankster who delivered everything? No one knows, not even me. Our heroes, besides being powerful and serious, are also trollers, do you believe this...? How about you dress up your favorite character and take over Ernas once again? Our Gacha Pon system has been updated and is fresh for our loyal players. Check out what went in, spin your coins and get the Naruto Coordi Pack for boys and the Sakura Coordi Pack for girls! But calm down, don't stop there! We also brought back some oriental packages so that you can show off all your charm in Haunted Village. Also get the Chinese Wedding Coordi Package, Qipao Coordi Package and Imperial Coordi Package. Chinese Wedding Coordi Package for Rufus and Amy, respectively. Qipao Coordi package for Arme and Asin, respectively. Imperial Coordi Package for Elesis and Dio, respectively. Shinobi Coordi Package for Rufus and Rey, respectively. VIP The VIP System has been updated with a touch of cuteness and sweetness for our loyal donors. The awards are impeccable and with a great price! With excellent prizes and cutest top prize ever, we've brought back, with great love, the Hello Kitty Coordi Pack and the Hello Kitty Mascot! Hello Kitty Coordi Pack for Amy and Jin and Hello Kitty Mascot. K-Ching Shop Did you spend some of your CASH on the VIP System and a few pennies left? Or do you need to complete the expense to redeem your pink outfit? Come to our store and check out what came in. Take your CASH and your accumulated VP and release your inner shopaholic to spend on those wonders that came in this update Dark Angel Coordi Package and Corrupted Angel Coordi Wings for Sieghart and Lire Priestess and Priest Coordi Pack for Rin and Veigas Haunted Village Coordi Pack for Uno and Lime Mist, Air and Water Coordi Package for Ronan, Jin and Lass Forge Construction We would not leave the Forge without updating too, right? We think of everything, every little detail so you can enjoy every part of this update! We've updated the system and brought nostalgic and community favorite items for you to create! Reminder: Be careful not to forge items for the wrong characters, any errors due to not being cautious will not have exchanges or returns. Elesis Pillow Elesis Flag Chinese Coordi Set Kumi Coordi Set Moonlight Village Earings [Nv 30] Moonlight Village Ring [Nv 50] Moonlight Village Ring [Nv 70] Moonlight Village Ring Moonlight Pearl Lotus Card Lotus Jr. Card Elfo Wings Demônio Wings Gundam Wings Kumi Card Nix Card Emera Card King Blitz Card Shadow Blitz Card Bright Ellia Accessories Kumi Coordi Package for Mari and Uno Chinese Coordi Package for Edel and Lass Fixed Model Correction of the Coordi Dimension of Mist for Dio, Zero, Lupus, Azin, Veigas and Uno; Hello Kitty Coordi Helmet texture correction for all characters from Dio; Hello Kitty Coordi Mantle texture correction for all characters from Dio; Hello Kitty Coordi Helmet model fix for Dio, Zero, Rey, Lupus, Veigas and Uno; Hello Kitty Coordi Mantle template fix for Dio and Azin; Hello Kitty Coordi Glove model correction for Dio and Azin; Model and texture correction of the Elite Punisher Coordi Package; Model and texture correction of the Elite Knight Coordi Package; Corrected drops from Haunted Moonlight Village. What Left the Game Monster Train 301 and items related to it; Last month's Birthday Event, buffs, and related items; Dio's Task and related items; Water Dodgeball Festival ; Last Month's Seal Breaker rotation; Previous VIP; Previous Premium Cards; Previous Gacha Pon; School outfits in Forge System; Cancer's Anklet; Bermesiah Wings; (Avito)New Star GC S3.
  6. Mine was the interacting and learning new things in PvP! Like managing how to beat a player that knows how to step without doing to much -wink wink- How to predict certain movements~ and lastly how to properly use a DA.
  7. Greetings Chasers, I @Yil have translated the topics areas so you guys know where to properly create the topic in the area that you guys need help in, and to provide clear given information so that we [Staff] can help you properly. I also tagged a few Frequently Asked Questions to clear a few things too. Guide: Questions & Concerns Area: The area of Questions and Concerns is basically for people who have difficulties in understanding certain things and needs a “quick” answer. Read everything below carefully and come back whenever you are having trouble posting/answering a topic. Notes: The Question & Concerns area is for questions based on both the Game and the Forum. Be as clear as possible in the title of the question, the title is the gateway and with it we already know what the question is about. Avoid creating topics with titles like: Help me, Quick question, I'm in trouble and anything in between those examples. Just be clear and specific.. Anyone has the right to respond in that area so be polite and helpful. This area contains the Voting System so that the best answers are identified with a Green Check mark. The area of Clarified Questions is intended for questions with good answers. Clarified and invalid topics are there. RULE for Invalid topic: by organization, topic tag [Invalid] will be placed if it’s within 24 hours after it is closed. The time is given for the author of the topic to be aware of what has occurred. Periodically the area will be revised. Unnecessary questions about out of the season will be disapproved and considered invalid. Technical Problems or Server Instability will not be dealt in this Topic thread. Avoid flooding topics, and if u need assistance with technical support create a topic by using the area of Access Issues or General Chat. Any discussion that has divergent opinions or answers will be moved to Chat. For an Example: Approved topic template: Title: How do I get Seal Breakers? Question: Enter here something relating to the title of the question. Invalid topic template: Title: What is the next reward system? Question: Random dog Meme or nothing related to the title. Well, that's it, guys. I hope this helps and you are free to ask and respond. General Problems: This section is intended to all problems involving the game itself (related to your account only), but be aware of the following observations: When creating a topic, please enter your nickname. If your topic doesn't show this data, it will be archived; If you can't access the game, use the Access Issues section; If you'd like to report or know why your account was banned, please use this section; Some of situations regarding to General Problems: For Example: Bugged Items, Mission Error Bugs, Not Receiving Complete Seal Breaker Sets, ETC. Bugged Items: Every once in a while some items in certain accounts bug and it makes it impossible for the players to use or causes them to double up stats. Mission Error Bugs: Sometimes some players can complete the missions. There are some cases where they do the Quests and display that it counts, but at the end of the mission it still says that it’s incomplete. Resulting in Mission Error Bugs. Not Receiving SB pieces: There are cases that some players are opening up the SB System and some pieces block them from completing it, or when they complete it and it wont open the pet, some pieces do not show up in the account’s inventory, sometimes the Visual is Equip and Equip is Visual. Example of a Valid Topic: Title: Lv 86 Mission Part 3 Is bugged. Topic: Be specific on what’s going on when you try to complete it. These cases a Moderators will need details about your case and only GMs, Supervisors, and Admins are capable of modifying or fixing the problem for you. The more specific you are in your topic the faster we can help you get it fixed. Access Issues Area: This section is intended exclusively for problems that prevent the player from connecting to the game properly. Any topic that isn't related to this section's theme will be archived. This Topic is commonly used for the following issues: Problem Installing the Game. Launcher does not open/Stopped working. Could not download internal configs. Please try again later. Problems relating to Languages Download froze in Launcher/ Slow Problem opening the Settings Gear on Launcher White Screen Problems with Connection Error of dbghelp.dll Etc. This area of the topic is the most tedious one. It takes trial and error to fix the issue. But there is always an outcome to it. This side of the Forum needs a lot of patience and we’ll assist you through it as detailed as possible. This Forum Topic thread is for those who CANNOT ACCESS THE GAME at all. Special Support Area: This area was created recently to target the best service for those people facing FPS crash problems or relative problems involving Windows 10 and Lv 85+ Quest Bugs. Any issues related to those mentioned above should be created in this area. FPS Issues Windows 10 Lv 85+ Quest Bugs This topic is intended to leave all possible solutions to fix the FPS problem in your Windows 10. Maybe some solutions will help if you have a problem in Windows 8.1, 8 and 7. Keep your Windows 10 always updated, this may be one of the reasons why your FPS is not Full, at the moment the latest update of Windows 10 is the 1809. To find out if you have any pending updates go to the settings >> Windows Update. Restart your machine, and as soon as it turns on First Run the Grand Chase History, that can solve your problem with FPS Fall. If you have a Computer with basic requirements, when opening Grand Chase History close the other programs, such as browsers. Google Chrome consumes a lot this can end up hampering performance in the game. Test all available Dlls in the Launcher, go testing one by one until you find one that leaves your FPS high, remembering that some may cause White / Black Screen. Just change the Dll that the error will disappear. Download and Install DirectX 9, after doing so restart your machine, access the game and see if your FPS has improved. Do the procedure below: Press Windows Key + R and type msconfig On the first (General) tab, select Selective Startup and uncheck the Load Startup Items option and apply. On the third tab (Services), select Hide All Microsoft Services and uncheck what is unnecessary for you. Restart your computer and try opening the game again. Currently these are the solutions that can help you solve the problem with FPS, whenever there are new solutions will be added here. On the Quest Thread: Issues with level 85 to 90 quests must be reported only in this specific forum. Donations Area: This part of the Forum is divided in Doubts and Tech Problems. Doubts would be anything from what is the price range of the bundles, form of payments, how quick does fall into the account, what happens in chargebacks, ETCs. FAQ: The currency is in BRL how do we convert? Answer: Paypal automatically converts it for you and you’ll be aware of what you get throughout the transaction. Tech Problems would be anything from pending delays, cash did not show up in the account, or bonuses were not added. FAQ: I bought cash a few hours ago and it’s still not in my account? Answer: Most of these situations you have to keep an eye on the “Pending” section of the transaction. Some cards are deducted faster than others and some paypals respond faster than others. In case it takes too long a GM/Sup/Adms will assist you and help you. Email Change Request Area: For Email Change to another Email follow this template. This area is mainly for people who have trouble recovering their lost account, changing password, or changing email information. FAQ: It wont let me get my password recovery when I use my Login info. Answer: Try recovering your password using your email address. "I don’t remember my email address" Provide in your topic your Login or IGN so the Mods can forward them to the GMs/Supervisors/ADMs. If we provide you with the Email that is linked with your account it will be displayed like this for privacy purposes: EX: playergrandch*******@gmail.com If you cannot remember the email that we displayed... we can not provide any hints or agree/disagree if you start guessing which one it can be. ~Thank You~
  8. Hello, so i went digging for this case and i have discovered that this bug has been reported by a few players. We will provide a hot fix as soon as possible. Sorry for the Inconvenience ! When we fix it we will post it on discord ! Thank you and have fun with the new update mate.
  9. Helloooo! i would ask for you to exit the game and re-enter in order to make sure that your launcher had downloaded all the given files from this update. In case it continues please let me know ! Thank you mate.
  10. Ah thank you for providing information about it ! That bug has been occurring since the original GC. We didn't know it was still occurring here. Thank you! We're going to Fix it as soon as we can
  11. Hey mate, I just tried this thread of combos and it worked perfectly fine. I know that Bamboo Shallow has a bigger delay time than the rest that often gets "Stuck". If i it still remains is there any way you can screen record it?IF the problem remains. Thank you mate. Enjoy the rest of your day
  12. Hey mate, Thank you for reporting this bug to us. We've been told about this bug and we'll provide a hotfix in the next update/maint. ^_^ Thank you.
  13. Hello, Thank you for reporting this bug. We’ll fix it as soon as possible and provide a quick hotfix. We’ll display any other information in our Discord Thank you.
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