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  2. August 31 Servers Fixed an issue that was preventing multiple players from accessing the servers Hero Dungeons The daily limit of the Hero Dungeon The Extermination of Uria event was increased from 3 to 300 Fixed a bug that prevented players from accessing Extermination of Uria after completing the dungeon once for each character Event Dungeons Access to Angry Bosses has been fixed Event dungeon Konaut's Mental Collapse has been activated Systems GachaPon The Lothos Visual Package Box (Caixa do Pacote Visual da Lothos) has been fixed Forging Dimensional Gate Core (Núcleo do Portão Dimensional) has been replaced with Dimension's Door Fragment Added recipes to create Event Dungeon Ticket Shop SB Gacha Fortune Ticket has been enabled in the Cash Shop Items Ancient Coins (Moeda Antiga) have been restored for played who owned the item Blood Drop (Gota de Sangue) item has been restored to players who owned the item September 1 Items Different versions of the item Ancient Coin (Moeda Antiga) got merged Different versions of the item Blood Drop (Gota de Sangue) got merged.
  3. Hi, can you please try installing this and restarting your PC? I know this is Direct X, but this is the one that comes with the game and might help with your issue. https://cl.ly/qQTC
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  6. August 19 System Resolved an anomaly that enabled players to equip two or more items in the same slot Items We removed some non-functional items that we detected that was causing access issues on multiple accounts. This item was delivered as a reward on the last Angry Bosses (Eclipse) event dungeon August 20 System Equipment, Accessories, items equipped with pets, and Coordi were unbalanced due to a problem that was preventing the the equipped items from being saved for several players Fixed an issue that was preventing players from changing the FPS using the /fps or /qps command when stating a new session Hero Dungeons The Hero Dungeon Tickets can now be used to access Hero Dungeons to surpass the daily limit¹ Localization Texts that were being displayed in Korean or English in the friends list or other places were translated into Portuguese Store Fixed an issue that made it impossible to buy the Special Skills (Elesis, Lire, Arme, Lass, and Ryan) in the Store using VP Fixed a bug that was preventing players from purchasing items in bulk using the Points currency ¹ This item cannot be used to access he Hero Dungeon Land of Judgement
  7. Can you please try downloading this and replace it with the ones in your game folder? http://patcher.gc.historygames.net/Season5/GCHistory_Patch.rar
  8. Your account has been banned for the use of hacks. There is no ban appeals for this offense.
  9. Gacha Pon Added a general notification for prizes that have been won. (Only active players will receive this notification) Interface The images are now being displayed correctly for the dungeons King Slime Land and Land of Judgement Forging System GachaBall (GP) has been added under the Events tab Dungeon The monster event Golden Slime¹ was activated once again on normal stages of the game Harkion's HP has been updated ¹ The Golden Slime drops 2 GachaBall Coin (GP)
  10. System Resolved the issue for the commands /fps and /qps PvP Resolved an issue regarding the team battle modes. Discord Rich Presence A padlock has been added to the game profile information to indicate if the player is in a locked room To see this, you will need to enable this feature in your Discord settings under the Games category.
  11. A new system arrives at Grand Chase History, this has been activated to all players after the reboot on August 16, 2018 (8/16/2018) For those who don't know what Gacha Pon is, it's a machine that gives out prices. Players can use their GachaBall Coin, using either GP or Cash, and have a chance to get the best prize of the machine or some other items if you do not hit the jackpot. In the end, it will not leave you empty handed. You can access the Gacha Pon system through the game menu. Once you are in there, you can choose one of the 6 available machines in the drop-down menu, each one of them are named after the best prize. To activate the machine and receive your reward, you muse use the GachaBall Coins, which are consumables and can be purchased directly within the system or in either the GP or Cash shop. Each of the machines contains a certain amount of capsules. (Gacha Pon System Interface) Whenever someone gets the main price from the machine, the remaining amount of Total Turns resets which allows more more players to have the opportunity to get that same reward. In addition to the main prices, several other items can be randomly obtained from each machine as well. Here's the list: Main Rewards (Cash) Machine 1: Sealbreaker Scroll (x60) (Cash) Machine 2: GP Prop Reset Form (Cash) Machine 3: +60 Bag (Cash) Machine 4: +100 Coordi Bag (Cash) Machine 5: Selectable Chest of Transparent Coordi Weapons (GP) Machine 6: (CASH) GachaBall Coin (GP) Machine 7: GP Random Prop Reset Form (GP) Machine 8: Extreme Skill Key (GP) Machine 9: [Event] Queen's Jewel (3 Days) Other Rewards (Cash) Lisnar's Blessing (1 day) (Cash) Hero Dungeon Ticket (x1) (Cash) Premium GC Club (3 days) (Cash) Blacksmith's Approval (3 days) (Cash) Socket Gem (x3) (GP) Gem (x1) (GP) 1 Million GP Coupon (x1) (GP) Hero's Bullion (x1) (GP) Hero's Bullion Fragment (x1) (GP) Socket Gem (x1) Comments In the original Gacha Pon system, once a player was awarded the best prize, a broadcast was sent to all players. We've removed this warning to prevent spam from being sent. If you decide that this ad is essential to the system, we can activate it. Each machine have their own capsule counters, the servers have their own individual counters, if you change servers, the machines have different capsule counters. The Gacha Pon is a permanent system, the rewards of the machines will be rotating throughout the updates. Some information was taken from Grand Chase Wiki
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