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  1. Any anime yall are watching or want to watch? Im watching black clover
  2. What are some of your fondest memories playing grand chase? Mine would have to be grinding out this bronze hero crest im currently doing... lol jk. it is actually meeting some good friends i cherish, on this server.
  3. accepted <3. Welcome aboard, big sexy.
  4. I created a discord group awhile ago for my grand chase buddies, if you are interested, let me know
  5. i like having a baegas on my team no
  6. my favorite class and character is jin striker
  7. Cant enter wizard lab after my 10th run, even with hero tickets
  8. awww a mod in the discord told me, the staff can change it
  9. can i get an item transfer for my asin shinobi gear to another character?
  10. MagiKingdom Guild Loved by the world's magic. We are known as wanderers and scholars of the magic arts. Founded on 3/17/19 by @MagiAladdin Guild Level 3 I hope to establish a place of being for those interested. We are open for any member who would like to join. We do not discriminate towards level, skill , or PvE or PvP preference. If you want to join, fill out the form below IGN: Main Character Played: Why do you want to join: Do you have discord: 1. No hacking of any kind. 2. Be active 3. No offensive or derogatory language will be tolerated. Guild Leader: VongolaSora General: General: General:
  11. someone said ask for translations
  12. a few months is quite some time away lol
  13. ik but still dungeons get boring esp with leveling
  14. i dnt know what to even do in game anymore.. the event is boring,leveling is a chore, i dont pvp, hds are a drag... there is just nothing worth logging into everyday ..
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