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  1. Greetings world of ernas, i hope everyone is doing well. We meet again and now we're ready to announce another update with wonderfull content. We have a special team working at 200% to make everything about the content of May update ready. So we brought novelties, adorable rewards systems (and the new mascot), special events and the mission event that everyone loves URIA! Enjoy all the events and new packages availabre at the k-ching shop, Lucky Gacha Fortune, Gacha Pon, Craft and History VIP Rewards. The Extermination of Uria T After a long time - and what time, huh? Uno and Glimmers of Uria return to the world of Grand Chase with an immense thirst for blood ready to take revenge on those who underestimated them. They will use all their evil powers of destruction to cause chaos and destruction in Uria. Check below the tables of possible rewards and their respective difficulties: Mission Completion Rewards: Forge and Crafting Package, accessories and weapons from Guardião Eterno for Elesis and Sieghart, respectively. Rings that can be created Remember that only level 1 is dropable. Ernasis's Ring (Level 1) Lisnar's Ring (Level 1) Armenian's Ring (Level 1) Ring of Agnesia's (Level 1) Attack: 300 Defense: 150 HP: 150 Minimum Level: 30 Attack: 150 Defense: 150 HP: 300 Minimum level: 30 Attack: 150 Defense: 300 HP: 150 Minimum Level: 30 Attack: 200 Defense: 200 HP: 200 Minimum Level: 30 Ernasis's Ring (Level 2) Lisnar's Ring (Level 2) Armenian's Ring (Level 2) Ring of Agnesia's (Level 2) Attack: 450 Defense: 200 HP: 200 Minimum Level: 60 Attack: 200 Defense: 200 HP: 450 Minimum Level: 60 Attack: 200 Defense: 450 HP: 200 Minimum Level: 60 Attack: 330 Defense: 330 HP: 330 Minimum level: 60 Ernasis Ring (Level 3) Lisnar Ring (Level 3) Armenian Ring (Level 3) Ring of Agnecia (Level 3) Attack: 600 Defense: 350 HP: 350 Minimum Level: 80 Attack: 350 Defense: 350 HP: 600 Minimum Level: 80 Attack: 350 Defense: 600 HP: 350 Minimum Level: 80 Attack: 420 Defense: 420 HP: 420 Minimum level: 80 Creating the Rings Ring Level 2 (Ring Level 1 + 50 Blood Drops + 500000 GP) Ring Level 3 (Ring Level 2 + 100 Drops of Blood + 1000000 GP) Birthday of the Month This month we will have two magnificent birthdays. On one side, the most beloved and fluffy druid of all. Ryan is a very gentle elf who loves to help others, as well as protecting the forest and the beings that inhabited it. Orphan, he grew up alone living beside the animals, until he was adopted by the druid Satyr, who trained him in the Order of Druids. On the other side, we have the most wise and agile warrior among the other characters. Mysterious, reserved and extremely rational, Asin is one of the great mysteries of the Grand Chase. Vindictive and thirsting for power, the boy whose true name he himself preferred to abandon is far from being a typical hero. In addition, you can celebrate using a Flag and / or a Pillow from our two heroes! Both are available for creation in the Forge for 10 Epic Essences each! And there's more: Our beloved Druid is already an old character with a lot of outdated equipment. So, Ryan received some visual news! Visual update on Vanquisher Visual Update on druid helm, axe of the druid and the new visual package of neo druid, respectively. Visual Update on Nephilim. Visual Update on Magnus Dan. Pets Costumes P Has arrived in the server a system for customizing pets: Pets Costumes!! To use the system, simply equip the desired mascot and click on the "Pets Costumes" button You will be taken to a new interface where you can choose the desired customization for the current mascot. Do not forget that when you unequip your pet or equip another pet in its place, the customization will be unbalanced. Luck Gacha Fortune We updated our Lucky Gacha Fortune System (Premium Card). As with all updates, we will not fail to bring news to all of you! The system has changed and we are delighted to announce the Steampunk Exclusive Package and the Lesley Mechanics Mascot Steampunk package for Uno and Lime, respectively. Lesley Mechanics Mascot VIP We could not fail to update our beloved system, right? The exclusive VIP table you find below along with the very illustrios Patriarch of Penumbra package for the boys and Matriarch of Penumbra for the girls as a maximum prize! Check the table below. 1.000 – 3.999 Rocco’s Tornado Coin – 10 un. Seal Breaker Scroll – 10 un. Blacksmith’s Protection – 7 Days Celestial Star of Donation Signboard Penumbra Matriarch/Patriarch Outfit Box – 1 un 4.000 – 6.999 Seal Gacha Breaker – 30 un. Nickname Change Card – 1 un. Hero Dungeon Ticket – 10 un. Loving star of Donation Signboard Penumbra Matriarch/Patriarch Outfit Box – 1 un 7.000 – 9.999 SB Gacha Fortune Ticket – 50 un. Hero Dungeon Ticket – 15 un. +50 Coordi Bag – 1 un. Pink Star of Donation Signboard Penumbra Matriarch/Patriarch Outfit Box – 1 un 10.000 – 15.999 Gadosen Corrompido Card – 2 un. Dark lulu Black Serpent Disciple’s Chest – 1 un. Flowerfull Star of Donation Signboard Penumbra Matriarch/Patriarch Outfit Box – 2 um. 16.000 or more Shubalu Pon Card – 2 un. Cazeage (Forma humana) Card – 2 un. Black Serpent Disciple’s Chest – 1 un. Real Star of Donation Signboard Penumbra Matriarch/Patriarch Outfit Box – 2 un. Package Matriarch and Patriarch of Penumbra for Ley and Asin, respectively. When equipping the Penumbra Shield of Legendary status your character will make a new pose in the room, show everyone your sovereignty! You can also use this pose with any other visual, just equip the shields and the throne will be all yours. Attention: Turning these shields into another visual will make them lose their unique effect. Gacha Pon (Cash) Our Gacha Pon system has also been updated in this update with wonderful new packages. Rotate the roulette wheel and get the Praetorian Soldier and Praetorian Royal Guard! Praetorian Soldier Package for Asin and Edel, respectively. Package Praetorian Royal Guard for Rin and Lass, respectively. Skins available in this month's update in mascot customization chest 1. K-Ching Shop K-Ching shop could not be left out, so as you all know, the K-Ching store is the special part of the world of Grand Chase; for years its innovations have been impeccable with wonderful items and it is following this line that we brought the special packages of Asin and Ryan to celebrate their birthdays and the glorious (and magnificent) PC package with their respective weapons. Possible items to drop on purchased Chests: Tactical Battle Pack for Arme and Lass, respectively. Package PC for Edel and Asin, respectively. Table of Weapons Forge/Crafting So much news!!! And the best part is that still more to see it, following with these notes of the May update, we also update the forge system on our server. With mastery and sincerity package will be availabre for a limited time so that you can build it and use it. We also brought the asin, ryan cushions and their flags. Super Encore SB Gacha Event We are very excited to announce a new Rewards System in this update, the Ppiro Package and your Ppiro mascot! The little robot was always a pet forgotten in the past and we decided to give a little love to him with his own equipment ~ Ppiro Package for Amy and Jin, respectively. Ppiro says "Say Xis!" Coordi Armor Event Stamp e So for you enjoy the update as well, we active the event stamp for 7 days with wonderful awards. In order for them to be redeemed you will have to be active in the game, remmenber that if you do not log in respective day of the prize will be impossible to take it. So do not miss it! Rocco's Tornado Since the Rocco left the challenge forest and took refuge on eryuell island, home of Eryuell Elves, his hut is increasingly flowering and surrounded by fruit trees. Now he is in need of help to keep his gardens clean and organized, it seems that being a mascot is much more worth than being a mission chief, right? Who would say?! To play rocco's tornado you need to use a Rocco's Tornado Coin. These coins can be purchased at the k-ching shop for 30 cash a unit or in packs of 10 for 300 cash. Attention! Before playing you have to choose which character you will use, because some prizer are unique only to the character that is activated on the board. Each rocco's tornado coinsa allows you to play a round of rocco's tornado. Just click ''rotate'' button so that coin active his tornado and makes the slots of the items on the board spin. You can wait for them to stop by itself or you can choose to stop by pressing the button ''Stop'' on the right time. When stop, your reward will be the one that board is showing. If you make the 3 slots match, you will receive the item as reward, but if the slots on the board didnt match your reward will be a Mysterious Potion (G). In adition you will receive a Lucky Point. When you complete 5 lucky Points, taking different pictures 5 times on the board, Rocco will activate Lucky 7! This mean the slots will turn into golden and it will be impossible to not to take 3 of the same in the slots of the next round of the Rocco's Tornado! In addition, the prize list is different when activing the Lucky 7. Below you can check the items available on Rocco's Tornado: Below you can check the items available in Mode 7 of Luck: Magic Box The last events of Ernas have moved the Relics of Kounat a lot, so the Magic Box arrives for you to enjoy it to the maximum and receive several prizes! The Magic Box is available on the events tab. In it, you will find a variety of items, which you can purchase by Ancestral Magical Stones/Kounat's Magical Stone. You only have to choose which of the stones you will use and spend them one by one until you reach the total equivalent to the chosen item! Ancestral Magical Stones Kounat's Magical Stones The tip we give you is: if you use the Kounat's Magic Stones, there is a chance to receive your prize before even spending the full amount of stones needed! How to get: Ancestral Magical Stones: K-ching shop, Mail (4u / day), Daily (8u / day) and Construction (1u per 8 Mari Magic Stones). Kounat's Magical Stones: K-ching shop,Mail (2u / day), Diary (4u / day), Probability to fail in luck gacha fortune (1u) and Construction (1u per 24 Mari Magic Stones). Mari Magic Stones: Kounat's Collapse - Normal (3u), Kounat's Collapse - Heroic (8u) Mari Magic Stones Fixes: See what fixes we have on this patch: Honorable Mentions A round of applause for this little gallery that worked actively on this month's content! @Bio, @Vinisims, @AChaos, @Vovo, @Amari, @Hagoromo e @pkdor who worked actively during the month so that the entire update and all its content could happen! @ExCrimson for helping translate the Patch Notes.
  2. Informação adicional. Sobre as premiações de Freyja. Quem ficou em primeiro recebeu: 60 poeiras da Deusa do amor(Equivalente a uma caixa selecionável) Segundo: 40 poeiras da Deusa do amor(Equivalente a duas caixas aleatórias de freyja) Terceiro e vencedor por mérito: 20 poeiras da Deusa do Amor(Equivalente a uma caixa de Freyja).
  3. Evento Encerrado. Os vencedores serão anunciado em breve. -- Event Closed. The winners will be announced shortly.
  4. Saiu o resultado do Evento Visual da arme, confira os vencedores. Primeiro Lugar: @PecadoCaptal Com sua bela e formosa Deusa Angelical >< Segundo Lugar: @ultrafast Arme ? você parece estar meio....Bah!! Terceiro Lugar: @Lucifinho Nossa Bruxinha do Rock está ficando mais famosa que a PopStar Arme Extra extra, temos mais uma Arme vencedora: @Jpkzim Certamente não é a Arme haha!! Agradecimento ao @Yil responsável pro escolher as nossas Armes vencedoras do Evento xD. As premiações dos participantes irão cair em suas devidas contas dentro de 24 horas. Obrigado pela participação!!
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  6. Manutenção programada para 23/04/2019, com inicio às 00:15 (Horário de Brasília). Scheduled maintenance for 2019-04-23, starting at 00:15 (UTC -3).
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  8. Mais uma solução para FPS no Windows 10 versão 1809. Solução temporária para problemas de baixo FPS no Windows 10 versão 1809. OBS: Funciona apenas para quem possui placas de vídeo da NVIDIA e drivers GEFORCE EXPERIENCE versão mais atual. 1ª: Baixe o driver da nvidia pelo link -> Nvidia <- e coloque em uma pasta qualquer. 2ª: Pressione a tecla WINDOWS/INICIAR, digite Painel de Controle depois clique em desinstalar um programa. Procure pelo programa NVIDIA Driver de graficos e clique em desinstalar 3ª: Após desinstalar o driver reinicie o PC, após reiniciar o PC abra o driver que foi baixado no passo ''1ª'' e clique e instale como Instalação Expressa. 4ª: Após instalado o driver reinicie o PC novamente e abra o Launcher do Grand Chase, selecione a DLL 10586.589 e inicie o jogo.] by: @Gowther
  9. Algumas informações que são colocadas no nosso grupo do Discord, irei passar aqui. (13/04/2019) @Junko: A partir de hoje, os fórums voltam a ser o sistema de suporte privilegiado pela equipe, visto o número de problemas com a Helpdesk e a dificuldade de uso encontrada pelos jogadores. Além disso, para proposta de eventos complexos, parcerias e outros assuntos desse tipo, a administração convida os interessados a entrarem em contato pelo Skype com os administradores ou com os GMs e Supervisores. Segue os Skypes dos admins: - Bernkastel - live:junko_502 - Amari - live:gch_marinaniess -- (15/04/2019) Ciel: Um lembrete sobre a Rebelião dos Mascotes: Se for constatado que você está usando uma conta Fake/secundária para enviar Itens da Loja de Presentes para sua conta Principal ambas serão Banidas Permanentementes. Edit1: Muitos estão entendendo errado, quando eu digo conta fake/secundária enviar item para a conta principal é por meio de programas ilegais ou seja o jogador usa r na conta fake hack para poder enviar itens para a principal. Você pode mandar item para outra conta sua, desde que seja de forma honesta. PS: Você pode estar vendo as regras do jogo por aqui:
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  12. Saudações Players, com a volta do fórum eu trago de volta também o evento visual de personagem Específico, seguindo a linha de votação A personagem desta vez será a Arme!! Siga o modelo de inscrição do tópico, caso o mesmo não seja seguido será desclassificado; O Evento é sobre personagem a personagem Arme, logo só poste o visual dela; É permitido o uso de programas para melhorar a qualidade da imagem, apenas para isso; Não é permitido usar pacotes completos. Sejam criativos na hora de fazer um visual; Podem tirar a Screenshot do personagem em qualquer lugar: Missões, Menu, Loja Visual, etc. Nickname: Nome do Visual: Itens usando para fazer o visual: Primeiro Lugar: 1 Caixa selecionável de Freyja, Camiseta estampada da Arme, Bandeira da Arme, 200 removedores, 7 dias de Lâmpada Mística. Segundo Lugar: 2 caixas aleatórias de Freyja. Camiseta estampada da Arme, Bandeira da Arme, 150 removedores, 5 dias de Lâmpada Mística. Terceiro Lugar: 1 Caixa aleatória de Freyja, Camiseta estampada da Arme, 100 removedores, 3 dias de Lâmpada Mística. Informação adicional O Evento terá duração até 17/05/2019 Haverá um corpo de jurados para avaliar todos os visuais: @Achaos e @Yil Agradecimentos: @Achaos Por fazer os banners e separador do Evento e o @Yil por fazer a parte Eng do tópico. Que vença a Maga Violeta mais bonita e estilosa de Ernas!! EN - US Greetings Chasers, with the Forum's return we decided to bring back our fashionable Visual Event for specific characters, following the voting toll, The character this time was Arme !! Follow the subscription template of the topic, if you don’t submit it properly, it will be disqualified; The Event is about the character Arme, so ONLY submit her astonishing looks; It’s allowed to use programs to improve the quality of the image, only for this; It’s not allowed to use complete packages. Be creative when making a look; You can take the Character’s Screenshot anywhere: Missions, Menu, Visual Store, etc. Nickname: Visual's Name: Items used to display the Outfit: 1st Place: 1 Selectable Freyja Box, Arme's Printed T-Shirt , Bandeira da Arme, 200 Socket Gems, 7 Days of Mystic Lamp. 2nd Place: 2 Random Freyja Box, Arme's Printed T-Shirt, 150 Socket Gems, 5 Days of Mystic Lamp. 3rd Place: 1 Freyja Random Box, Arme's Printed T-Shirt, 100 Socket Gems, 3 Days of Mystic Lamp. Additional information The Event will run until 05/17/2019 There will be a panel of judges to evaluate all visuals @Achaos and @Yil Honorable Mentions: @Achaos For creating the banners and helping organize the event, and also @Yil for translating the topic to English. May the most beautiful and elegant Violet Maga of Ernas win !!
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  14. Saudações Caso você ache que é uma boa ideia, você pode criar um tópico em Sugestões para o Jogo, e sugerir esta ideia. Tópico fechado.
  15. Saudações Perdão pela demora, verifiquei in-game e realmente não é possível colocar no modo morte súbita, simplismente vai pro modo anterior. Será reportado para a equipe, e será resolvido assim que der. Tópico fechado.
  16. Saudações Ainda não há informações sobre as armas futuramente poderem ser transformadas em visual. Kaamos é equipamento/acessório. Logo não há como enviar para visual sua arma. Você pode tentar como o Sterben disse, mas não é nada certo que farão isso. Tópico fechado.
  17. Saudações Crie um tópico em Apelos para saber o motivo do banimento.
  18. Ao contrário, vocês pensam que por donatar podem usar programas ilegais a vontade. Evite usar palavras ofensivas da próxima será punido. Tópico fechado.
  19. Saudações Não é possível equiper a carta do shubalu no Despertar do Dio, já que o mesmo é um conjunto e não tem como equipar nenhuma carta. Dropa sim no Eclipse, porém o drop é baixo. Tópico fechado.
  20. Saudações O bônus do Set Guardião eterno foi retirado faz muito tempo, por isso não aparece mais. Tópico fechado.
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