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Welcome to the Hacker-Wash-Away Operation!


This is the fastest and most efficient way to report an offender. If you found someone breaking any of the game guidelines, just follow the model below and file your report to us:

Report model:

Infrator's nick in-game:
Time approximately of the infraction:



Your report may not be valid if does not attend to the following:


  1. It does't fit to the model;
  2. It's not possible to read the infrator's nick in-game in the print screen or video;
  3. The proof isn't enough to corroborate the infraction.


  • Any comments in this topic which don't follow the model and/or aren't a report will be punished;
  • Don't comment more than once for the same offender/report, this won’t make the process any faster, besides it's a punishable attitude;
  • If you want to make more than one report, please do it in a single comment;
  • If any staffer likes your comment it means your report has been analyzed;
  • If your comment disappears from this topic it means your report wasn't valid to one of the three reasons mentioned above.
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